Product watch: Sensitech from Atlas Concorde

Sensitech, the highly innovative porcelain tile surface technology developed by Atlas Concorde labs to offer a high level of safety against slipping, easy cleaning and comfort, has been extended to all outdoor surfaces…

tiled outdoor floor with view across bay and islands

Patented in Europe, Sensitech represents another element capable of further consolidating the position of Atlas Concorde. A proprietary technology that extends to all indoor and outdoor collections, Sensitech technology is applied to both indoor surfaces with an R10 B coefficient and outdoor surfaces with an R11 C coefficient. This allows them to be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, also ensuring projects with maximum continuity between interiors and exteriors.

tiled floor indoor and outdoor spaces with non-slip solutions

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

For residential applications, Sensitech is particularly suitable for bathrooms and spaces where there’s a lot of water and moisture, in order to ensure a high level of slip resistance. It is also ideal for indoor applications in commercial and public settings, including stores, spas, wellness centres and all other spaces where special safety requirements are required by law.

Outside, this technology is especially suitable for applications in residential and public areas with a high risk of slipping,such as sloped pool edges, some types of stairs for entering the water, and many work and industrial spaces.

In addition this product presents an evolution in ease of cleaning and maintenance for your outdoor spaces. Traditional non-slip surfaces are rough and hard to clean. In fact, under a microscope normal tiles with high anti-slip coefficients have rough surfaces created by alternating peaks and troughs. This irregularity generates friction – in other words resistance to slipping – but at the same time creates a surface that’s hard to clean.

Dust and dirt particles also tend to build up in the depressions, making it harder to clean these kinds of tiles compared to those with smoother surfaces. The Sensitech production process fills the troughs, thus preventing dust and dirt particles from nesting inside them. As a result, the surface is easier and faster to clean with common household detergents. This is extremely important both for routine daily cleaning and for the final cleaning of building sites, which often leads to complications and delays.

tiled floor shifting from inside space to outside

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

Sensitech lends itself to applications in spaces with a high risk of slipping. Thanks to its non-slip properties, it guarantees a high level of safety against slipping to those who frequent these indoor and outdoor spaces. As an added benefit, it succeeds in combining these properties in an exemplary manner with an unprecedented pleasantness to the touch, which makes the surface smoother and more gratifying than traditional anti-slip surfaces.

The reason for this is precisely because microparticles are applied to the porcelain tiles to fill the depressions in the surface, leaving the peaks unaffected and thus preserving their ability to create friction. At the same time, the ceramic surface is smoother and more uniform, thus more pleasant to the touch than traditional non-slip surfaces.

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Main image credit: Atlas Concorde