Atlas Concorde adorns W Hotel Budapest

Designers Bowler James Brindley and Bánáti + Hartvig have redesigned the interiors of Budapest’s Drechsler Palace, choosing the Atlas Concorde Marvel Shine and Marvel Dream collections for the floors of the bathrooms and restaurant…

W Budapest with tiled surfaces by Atlas Concorde

The W Hotel Budapest has redefined the hospitality scene in the Hungarian capital thanks to the work of interior designers Bowler James Brindley and Bánáti + Hartvig, who in their redesign were inspired by the rich cultural history of the Drechsler Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its multiple identities as a café, social centre and state ballet academy to make it a welcoming, elegant and refined place.

façade of W Budapest , Drechsler Palace

Image credit: Atlas Concorde / W Budapest

Atlas Concorde plays a part in this new conception of hospitality by adorning the bathrooms and restaurant of the W Hotel Budapest with the innate elegance of marble-look porcelain tiles, whose allure convey the luxury of the building by creating a modern, sophisticated, and unexpected ambiance. Two collections were chosen for the project: Marvel Dream, in the colour Black Atlantis, and Marvel Shine, in the colour Statuario Supremo. Both feature a style capable of blending the more traditional nuances of a city like Budapest with the modernity of the prestigious W Hotel chain.

curved ceiling and seating with tiled floor in W Budapest

Image credit: Atlas Concorde / W Budapest

Marvel Dream brings the undisputed elegance of Italian marble to the Hungarian capital, with marble’s intense veining and natural hues, while Marvel Shine offers fine white marble selected directly from Italy’s tradition of grand monuments, thus underscoring the building’s historic character.

In the sumptuous bathrooms of the 150 guestrooms and suites, the two collections contrast and intertwine to create dramatic geometries that evoke the city’s famous love of chess, accentuating their reflections. The result is an expansion of space that conveys a sensation of infinity to guests.

art deco hotel bathroom with black and white tiles from Atlas Concorde

Image credit: Atlas Concorde / W Budapest

The Marvel Dream and Marvel Shine marble-effect collections were also used for the floors of the hotel’s restaurant, where the purity of the snow-white background crisscrossed by a network of grey veins alternates with deep black, enriched by light brush strokes, in an environment made warm by blue and gold furnishings that express a retro-flavoured glamour.

marble porcelain tiles from Atlas Concorde in bathroom at W Budapest

Image credit: Atlas Concorde / W Budapest

The elegant design of the porcelain tiles ensures both a refined style and practical benefits. In fact, the intrinsic qualities of the tiles ensure superior non-slip and wear-resistant performance, guaranteeing comfort and beauty that remains unchanged over time.

In this historic building, with its esthetic narrative that celebrates the history and iconic architecture of the Hungarian capital, Atlas Concorde’s marble-effect surfaces become the hallmark of a contemporary style that combines sophisticated design with superior performance in terms of hygiene, cleaning, and maintenance.

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Main image credit: Atlas Concorde / W Budapest