Product watch: Reframe from Unidrain

Almost too good for trash, leading Danish design company Unidrain has rethought the pedal bin and created a piece of furniture that uniquely combines functionality and aesthetics…

Every detail surrounding the Reframe Pedal bin is succinct and stylish and its timeless design has been crafted to match the other elements within the collection. It’s elegant and simplistic exterior belies the carefully considered design solutions that have addressed specific practical challenges – there are no external mechanics, while the clean lines surround the pedal bin, make it easy to clean and suitable to stand freely and visible in the room.

blue basin and vanity unit against stone wall next to floor to ceiling window in bathroom with Unidrain Reframe fittings

Image credit: Unidrain

The pedal bin has been designed with a soft open/close lid. This means it can be placed against any surface as it has been specifically crafted to stop the lid from hitting a wall when it opens, preventing any damage to paintwork and avoiding annoying clunk and banging noises, making it both silent and stylish. It has a non-slip rubber foot, which complements the specially designed pedal and guarantees the bin’s stability during use. The pedal itself is spring-loaded, protecting it against overloading, while ensuring that contrary to its elegant appearance, the pedal bin is a solid and sturdy bathroom accessory.

“This is a benefit for domestic users but much more so for our customers in the hotel and hospitality industries, where hygiene and efficient solutions are equally as important,” explained Rene Risom, International Sales Manager, Unidrain.

brass pedal bin with matching taps and toilet cleaner from Reframe by Unidrain

Image credit: Unidrain

Another unique, handy and hygienic feature is the removable insert. This inner container is made of impact resistant plastic, making it easy to clean and keeping it rust free. The inner container also has a ring of double-sided tape on the inside which makes the fitting of bin bags much simpler. There is no tying
of knots or bag slippage down the interior of the bin.

“One of things that I noticed almost instantly was how well the design interacts with the other Reframe products,” commented hotelier and interior designer Mette Brochner-Mortensen. “The exterior appears simplistic, but this aesthetic exterior belies the sophistication of the carefully thought-out design solutions. The lid opens and closes easily and silently without knocking against the wall. It’s incredibly stable and doesn’t tip when you step on the pedal. These small details demonstrate that needs of the user have been carefully considered and catered for.”

The pedal bin is available in brushed and polished steel as well as copper, brass and black PVD finishes. It joins the other Reframe accessories, including the soap dispenser, shower shelf, screen wiper, hooks, corner shelf, toilet brush, toilet roll holder plus spare toilet roll holder. Another small but significant detail is the height at 31.5cm it is the same height as the toilet brush, an important design aesthetic when crafting a bathroom.

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Main image credit: Unidrain