Product watch: Metal X Patina from Arte

Offering timeless luxury for sophisticated rebels, each design in the Metal X Patina collection from Arte has been printed on metal foil, to create an artistic, distressed plaster look on walls…

curved organic wooden chair and table in front of a patinaed wallcovering in the Arte Metal X patina range

With patterns inspired by old painting techniques or crafts, Arte has used advanced printing technology to combine a matte look with luminescent highlights to add vibrancy and a natural patina in this collection, Metal X Patina.

brown curved retro couch in front of shelving recessed in wall covered in Arte Metal X Patina

Image credit: Arte

Chalk Stone is a design that is all about detail and a homage to travertine, a chalk stone used to make sustainable artisan tiles. The Romans used travertine to build large parts of Rome, including the Colosseum. This metallic variant stands out because of its simplicity and is available in six colourways.

round wooden dining table with wood and rattan chairs and a contemporary wooden lightfitting in front of Arte wallcovering in stone colour

Image credit: Arte

A lovely combination of broad, ripped and aligned strips of textile, which have been covered with a thin layer of plaster. This pattern takes its name from the eponymous super-light silk fabric, Alepine. The design’s distinctive, unconventional look is enhanced by the metal foil. Alepine is available in five colourways.

low wooden chair in front of brown patina wallcovering

Image credit: Arte

Impasto, a design available in six colourways, is named after a centuries-old painting technique of the same name, a process whereby the paint is laid on the surface very thickly. The visible brush strokes enhance the texture of this wallcovering for a very realistic result. Impasto is printed on metal foil, combining the best of both worlds with a seamless blend of artisanship and an industrial look and feel.

Old quilts were the inspiration for the design of the same name, in particular the quilt top, which is often made from several pieces of fabric that are randomly sewn together in a pattern. Here the pattern consists of a patchwork of textile swatches that were printed on metal foil and covered with a thin layer of plaster, offering a fleeting glimpse of the fabric beneath. Quilt is available in six colourways.

The final design in the collection, Platinum, is a slightly weathered block pattern, which looks aged to perfection even with a picture- perfect patina. Matte and luminescent sections cast a warm metallic sheen on this eye- catching wallcovering. Platinum is available in nine colourways.

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Main image credit: Arte