Product watch: Laufen introduces Pro S shower tray

Laufen has introduced the Pro S tray, along with new colours and its quick guide to choosing the perfect shower tray…

bathroom design with blue glass shower enclosure and white shower tray from Laufen next to double sink on a vanity below a mirror

When it comes to choosing a shower tray, the abundance of shapes and materials available in the market can make the decision-making process overwhelming. However, with the right guidance, selecting the perfect shower tray can be a breeze and Emma Mottram, Marketing Manager for Laufen, shares her expert advice on how to choose the ideal shower tray. The five top tips from Mottram help narrow down the options while making an informed decision and introduces the new Pro S shower tray and Matt Black and Matt Concrete colours.

Mottram kicks off the guide by addressing size, as the size of the bathroom will clearly determine the appropriate shape and size of the shower enclosure and tray. For smaller bathrooms, space-saving styles like a square enclosure with a square shower tray Laufen’s range from 800 x 800mm to 1000 x 1000mm are a better fit. Larger rectangular shower trays are more suited to bigger bathrooms, with Laufen offering sizes ranging from 1000 x 800mm to a super spacious 2000 x 1000mm. For awkwardly shaped bathrooms, there is always the option of a bespoke solution that is customised to fit the space available.

grey tiled bathroom with small black framed shower enclosure and black fittings

Image credit: Laufen

When choosing a shower tray, it is also important to consider the materials it is made from. Durability is key to withstanding daily wear and tear. Additionally, the appearance and texture of the shower tray are important factors to consider and sustainability should also play a role in the design decision. Laufen has found a substitute for conventional resins in the production of its shower trays. The resin in Marbond trays is made entirely from recycled PET bottles, which has two benefits. Firstly, existing materials, such as PET beverage bottles, are kept in circulation for much longer, especially in the case of durable bathroom products that are often used for over a decade. Secondly, conventional resin is no longer needed for the production of Marbond products, reducing their CO2 footprint by more than 20 per cent. There is also no compromise in the quality of the finished product. Laufen’s Marbond shower trays are durable, stable, repairable and easy to clean, with a surface structure that is  noise reducing, anti-slip and has a pleasant and warm touch.

detail flat image of concrete grey matt shower tray from Laufen

Image credit: Laufen

With more options available, choosing the right colour is key. White bathrooms are no longer de rigueur, as dark colours have stepped into the fray, with moody tones a huge interiors trend. Before choosing a shower tray, consider what else is going on in the room. What colour are the walls or tiles? What brassware has been specified? Do you want the shower tray to blend in with the floor or stand out? White looks clean and fresh, but Laufen’s new colours – Matt Concrete and Matt Black – can bring a contemporary edge to a shower room. Look at all the individual elements in the room on a moodboard and see which colour tray works best.

Depth is another essential element to consider, with the option of a tray that fits flush with the floor, or one that is laid on top of it. The decision between the two may be influenced by the space needed for the waste. If the property is under construction, inform the fitter at the outset so that the plumbing can be accommodated. If renovating an existing space, the designer will need to check whether there is enough space for the waste. Fortunately, there are varying waste depths and solutions available to solve this problem. While some people prefer a shower tray that is laid on top of the floor, this look is less contemporary and works better in a more traditional setting. Additionally, a raised border around the edge can provide an attractive finish and be useful for containing water. However, elderly or disabled individuals may find a step-free, flush tray safer and easier to use.

contemporary bathroom in grey and white with wood surfaces and black fittings with a clear glass shower enclosure and flush concrete grey shower tray

Image credit: Laufen

And finally, consider the drain. One of the most significant considerations when it comes to installing a shower tray is the position of the drain. The drain’s location is critical because it ensures proper water drainage and prevents water from pooling on the surface. Laufen shower trays allow you to position the drain on the short or long side of the tray to optimise the showering experience. The new Pro S shower trays have a hidden linear drain that seamlessly integrates with the colour of the tray. Alternatively, the square-shaped drain cover for the Pro collection comes in three designs that can be matched to the five available tray colours. Ask a plumber where is best for the drain according to the placement of the shower head and to ensure the most efficient draining. Though the final decision usually depends on the location of the existing plumbing.

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Main image credit: Laufen