Product watch: Clarke & Clarke unveils SS22 fabrics collection

    Hotel Designs Clarke and Clarke ss22 collection
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    Product watch: Clarke & Clarke unveils SS22 fabrics collection

    Texture, style and substance… Clarke & Clarke’s SS22 fabrics collection sets the stage for new heights of performance with technically equipped fabrics that shine in hospitality settings…

    Hotel Designs Clarke and Clarke ss22 collection

    Clarke & Clarke’s new fabrics collection for SS22 combines elevated performance in its very fibres, with luxurious style. Whether it is for banquette seating in a bar setting, bedroom headboards or a variety of lobby chairs and stools to greet patrons, Clarke & Clarke’s latest fabric additions, take hospitality design up a notch, offering technically superior fabrics without compromising on style.

    Flame retardant, GRS certified (Global Recycling Standard) and utilising innovative materials to achieve high-spec, luxurious fabrics, Orla, Riva and Dawson are three strikingly beautiful new designs, created to capture the essence of many an interior setting and in some instances, mimic fabric textures and details.

    Cameo selection of fabrics

    Image credit: Clarke & Clarke

    Orla, crafted from 52 per cent recycled plastic bottles, is a go-to fabric for upholstery and drapes. Sumptuously soft, the relaxed, natural-feeling fabric has a subtle herringbone detail and an incredibly tactile quality. 24 trend-led colours, all GRS certified, range from subtle naturalistic shades of Pebble and Ash to the more daring Spice and Garnet, complemented by earthy tones of Olive and Saffron, ensuring that the fabric suits a host of interior schemes. The 48 per cent natural cotton ensures a soft and high-quality texture is maintained and this delicate balance of recycled and natural fibres creates a luxe yet relaxed weight, for bespoke drapes and soft upholstered pieces. Orla is the first Studio G recycled product at Clarke & Clarke.

    Entering the realm of mimicry, Dawson has mastered the leather-look whilst also being inherently flame retardant, waterproof, antimicrobial and phthalate-free. Durable and sophisticated, Dawson, in its 18 shades and tones, is the perfect embossed faux leather for dining and drinking areas, where traffic is high, and spillages may occur. The antimicrobial fabric is waterproof to one metre and is  cigarette and match certified, passes IMO 8 and meets American standards for international specification. Natural hues combine with more punchy jewel tones to create accents and highlights in amongst an otherwise meltingly soft palette of Chestnut and Mahogany, for that classic, leather-bound chair appeal.

    Dawson collection featured in modern lounge setting

    Image caption: Dawson collection. | Image credit: Clarke & Clarke

    Booth seating or bar stool designs look equally high-end in Dawson, with its naturalistic patina and muted shine allowing the texture and feel of the fabric to delicately accent the entire interior setting, be that a cool cocktail bar or a hotel brasserie.

    Clarke & Clarke’s reputation for the development of its eco portfolio continues in Riva, a soft, luxurious velvet made entirely from plastic bottles. The opulent drama of Riva’s velvet texture and colour choices, of which there are 25, makes for the ultimate fabric for hospitality settings. This dual-purpose, environmentally conscious fabric is GRS certified (Global Recycling Standard) but does not hold back on glamour and style. Rich, sumptuous and innovative with its harnessing of the power of recycling, this short velvet traverses the spectrum in bold Chartreuse, inky indigo and a heritage-inspired Moss, to complement a rich tapestry of leathers, woods and metals within an interior. Pairing Dawson and Riva in communal settings create texture and depth, for the most convivial environment, limiting environmentally impact and elevating style all at once. Equally, Riva’s rich palette and texture that melts in your fingers would serve private bedrooms and suites beautifully.

    Riva landscape feature with red sofa

    Image caption: Riva collection. | Image credit: Clarke & Clarke

    Orla, Dawson and Riva join Burlington, whose legacy for strong performance matched with stylish aesthetics continues.

    Inspired by the historic Burlington Street, London, home to Savile Row, a distinguished wool feel emerges from a washable, 100 per cent fire retardant fabric. Highly durable and adaptable, Burlington sets the standard for brushed decorative weaves, pairing high performance with that sleek London style.

    A modern bedroom with Burlington Clarke and Clarke fabrics

    Image caption: Burlington collection. | Image credit: Clarke & Clarke

    Crafted in plains, stripes and checks, the 100 per cent inherent FR polyester yarns and overall durability of the fabric does not impact the style, including herringbone and dog tooths, only serving to elevate Burlington’s suitability for hospitality environments.

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    Main image credit: Clarke & Clarke

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