Product watch: blown away by HIMACS from James Latham

James Latham was instrumental in a recent project for global hand dryer manufacturer Excel Dryer, providing HIMACS to solid surface fabricator, Qubicle, for a bespoke basin unit to house Excel’s latest drying innovation…

commercial sink and dryer units HIMACS from James Latham

Excel is one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of fast-drying, ultra-hygienic and low energy consumption hand dryers; renowned for developing innovative systems which deliver best-in-class solutions. XLERATORsync is its latest offering, incorporating Excel’s proprietary ten second drying technology with built in HEPA filtration and fully-integrated wash troughs. Eliminating 99.99 per cent of bacteria and viruses, it’s one of the most hygienic, functional, attractive and sustainable solutions on the market.

Launched on the US market in 2017, Excel planned to introduce XLERATORsync to the UK in 2022, but found they needed a more adaptable design for the UK market. It was essential to have a product that could be installed as a trough, separate basins (both under-mount and top-mount) and, most importantly, retrofitted into existing vanity tops. So, in order to develop a visually appealing yet high-performance unit, Excel invited a handful of the UK’s leading commercial fabricators to create a new basin to complement the dryers.

“It’s great to be involved in a project which showcases the skill of the fabricator, all too often the unsung hero behind the delivery of exceptional outcomes,” said Mark Robinson, Solid Surface Sales Manager, James Latham Ltd. “For a brief like this, HIMACS was the obvious choice, as it’s well-suited to the demands of the busy setting of a commercial washroom, as well as embodying so many of the same principles which guide Excel’s approach to business.”

James Latham collection of HIMACS solid surfaces in natural shell

Image credit: James Latham

Excel’s approach to the project was highly original as, usually, a design is presented to the fabricator to price, build and install rather than create. The process yielded some interesting ideas, highlighting the imagination and creativity of the participants, with Qubicle, a solid surface fabricator from Bolton, emerging as the victor. Their design, a slanted recess ending with a vertical stop, was deliberately designed to absorb and dissipate the dryer’s powerful airflow, preventing splashback and reducing airborne droplets. This guaranteed maximum hygiene and removed potential slip hazards from on-floor water.

Design complete, Qubicle aimed to source a best-fit material to deliver on the project requirements as well as embody the uncompromising quality expected from Excel’s products. Consulting with long-time materials partners at James Latham, its specification team suggested renowned solid surface brand, HIMACS, recommending Terrazzo Grigio, one of its most sought-after colours, for the prototype XLERATORsync.

HIMACS’ strong performance qualities immediately appealed to the fabricators, who were particularly impressed with the surface’s exceptionally smooth finish. Already a popular choice for commercial washrooms, it’s non-porous, low-maintenance and high resistance to damage, scratching and abrasions meant it could deliver the uncompromising hygiene levels required.

The Qubicle-designed XLERATORsync was also developed to adapt to a variety of specification needs, either fabricated as long troughs or individual, stand-alone basins. They can also be under-mounted as well as retrofitted, making them a long-term and low-waste option, and are available in 20 of HIMACS’ most popular patterns, ranging from natural stone and marble to intense pinks and inky blacks.

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Main image credit: James Latham