LedsC4 launch new outdoor lighting solutions

Working from the starting point that lighting is the emotional layer that connects people to spaces, LedsC4 has designed its outdoor lighting range to enhance the connection between the interior and exterior spaces…

natural adobe house with terracotta pots and Click outdoor lighting from LedsC4

LedsC4 engages daily with technical, design and installation matters to find the most suitable solution for a space. With its emphasis on architectural lighting solutions, outdoor lighting becomes about more than simply leading you down the garden path, but more about enhancing the structural elements of the environment it is throwing a light on.

Detailed and meticulously designed, Orbit is a differential element that transforms the life around it, lighting vegetation, objects or settings with its warm and elegant lighting. The simplicity of its silhouette provides added value, as it surrenders all prominence to the light, which has been painstakingly developed to offer advanced technical features with various options for directing the light beam. Orbit is the ideal choice for creating warm environments in areas where lighting is the key to success when it comes to connecting with customers and users. Featuring soft shapes and various choices of finishes and light beam directions, Orbit’s mere presence grants a distinct touch of quality to the space it inhabits.

Inspired by natural rushes, the Juncus collection blends seamlessly with the vegetation and environment. The possibility of adjusting the height of the bollards, the mobility of the heads and their brown finish allow these luminaires to blend in fully with natural landscapes. Designed to easily choose and switch between lighting with maximum visual comfort or with maximum light beam emission, without the need for tools.

Vercle is a minimalist lighting solution, designed to give true prominence to the vegetation and create purer and more relaxed spaces between the landscape and people. This minimalist and invisible collection allows you to illuminate the outlines of trees and all kinds of plants and garden elements. The outer part of the profile is higher than the lower one to maximize visual comfort. Vercle’s total light control allows you to devise different scenes that can be adapted to the architecture in the space and to each moment.

Vercle ambient garden lighting lighting up a tree and structural details by LedsC4

Image caption: Vercle | Image credit: LedsC4

Click is a clean, compact design, which is also highly practical as it has been designed so that its installation is compatible with universal mechanism boxes. The driver is included inside the luminaire, making installation even more straightforward. Click is compatible with all universal mechanism boxes: square and round, outdoor and indoor, construction and plasterboard.

Bat is all about the elasticity of light in the smallest space and is a signage light that has been meticulously designed down to every last detail, from the sculpting of the light it emits to its structure featuring a textured body in different finishes. Ribs for installation in plasterboard and special anti-open cable gland to ensure watertightness in outdoor settings.

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Main image credit: LedsC4