Leaflike shares three biophilic trends for 2023

Experts in planting design for luxury hotels and hospitality spaces, Leaflike shares biophilic design and trends that are set to put down roots in the year ahead…

Leaflike Everleaf installation at Andaz London

As hoteliers and the hospitality industry continue to consolidate strategic plans for the year ahead, the buzz around biophilic design remains key and the question remains: how can we use the power of biophilic design to improve hotel design and guest experience? Leaflike has put together the top three trends and considerations for 2023 impacting on design and hospitality by drawing directly from nature.

First on the list, having a sustainable mindset is key as approaching the topic of sustainability as a ‘tick list exercise’ is no longer adequate in the eyes of changing consumer expectations. Being more environmentally aware, guests are looking for brands they trust and will make choices based on a brand’s sustainability credentials. Hoteliers getting specific about the actions they are taking to care for planet Earth, whilst serving the needs of customers will become a significantly larger focus this year. Recent studies have shown that around 80 per cent of travellers surveyed said they ‘plan to choose a sustainable accommodation option in the coming year’, and this trend will continue to strengthen.

“We believe you can have both creative design and sustainability, that complements the interior of your venue,” said Brandon Abernethie, Head of Design, Leaflike. “A key area of biophilic design includes planters and this is why we want to showcase the options available to customers, helping them get what they need from the concept, ultimately making biophilic design sustainable.”

Hilton London Metropole Christmas 2022 - Everleaf Floral Displays by Leaflike

Image credit: Leaflike

Biophilic storytelling for your customers is integral to the process with the evolutionary shift in customers looking for memorable, emotional experiences versus just a functional product or service. Throughout the entire customer experience, hoteliers should be on the lookout to find creative ways to connect their guests to nature using storytelling through their planting and floristry displays – an approach that goes far beyond the aesthetic appeal of greenery. The team at Leaflike are working on several projects that enable hotel guests to interact and connect with the story behind the planting and floristry displays that educates and inspires. Sharing stories and reasons why certain displays were carefully chosen, how they ignite the senses through scent and texture, or the benefits of particular plants for wellbeing, ultimately enhances a guest’s experience. It connects them with hotel design on a deeper level and thus creating a far more memorable stay. A classic Leaflike example of approaching a planting scheme with the sustainability mindset can be seen by observing The Waldorf Hilton hotel and how it has combined British luxury with sustainability using recycled woodchip planters in its Palm Court!

The third trend in the biophilic story is to make it clear that planting is not a luxury! The passionate team at Leaflike believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of being surrounded by nature. An increasing trend across the hospitality sector is that hoteliers are realising the benefits that planting can bring to all types of spaces, not only to five-star luxury hotels, but to mid-scale and even budget hotels.

Not only does a strong biophilic design improve the overall aesthetics and feel of the public areas, but it can significantly improve the retention rate of guests in certain spaces. Research by groups like Terrapin Bright Green has proven that attractive planting displays increase dwell time in a hotel lobby area by as much as 36 per cent. This makes it an attractive proposition for all hotels to consider simple, cost-effective ways to help connect guests with nature, using a tailored planting scheme.

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Main image credit: Leaflike