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A luxurious hotel bathroom designed to promote wellbeing is increasingly an essential for sophisticated travellers – Bagnodesign delivers on both style and comfort…

black freestanding bath and surface mounted basin against natural stone surfaces

Design that successfully combines standout form and function is the minimal expectation for the hotel bathroom, particularly in the context of today’s increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace. The quality and amenities of the bathroom have long been considered an important indicator of a hotel’s rating and with the current consumer preoccupation with wellness, a hotel room that comes with a luxurious spa-like bathroom is more important than ever to boost customer satisfaction scores.


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Bagnodesign believes that a luxurious hotel bathroom designed to promote wellbeing is increasingly an essential for sophisticated travellers and are able to provide the products to elevate the design. Must-haves include freestanding or oversized bathtubs, invigorating showers and lighting that can be easily adjusted to suit the mood.

Biophilic design principles add to the upscale ambience, bringing the outdoors in with carefully curated organic materials, natural textures and a relaxing colour palette inspired by the local environment. A new design twist is to blur the boundaries between living, sleeping and washroom spaces to promote an enhanced sense of flow; clever use of sliding panels, doors and glass allows guests to close off the bathroom as and when they require privacy.

A statement piece in the hotel bathroom, the Bristol Bathtub from Bagnodesign delivers, both in style and comfort, using every inch of its required floor space to maximum effect. Following the trend for unusual materials and eclectic styling, the Bristol Bathtub is made from resin. Comfortable to bath in, durable and simple to care for, the material is also easy to sculpt, resulting in a luxurious oval shape that gives a contemporary twist on a classic freestanding design. In striking Galaxy Black, the Bristol Bathtub measures 1683 x 803 x 550 mm, giving ample room for bathing in comfort. The bath was launched alongside the collection’s basins in the same material and finish, to form part of the Bristol collection.

Velvet Hotel Bath, Manchester - white and modern bathroom

Image credit: Sanipex Bagnodesign

Material choice is important in the luxury stakes too. Acrylic bathtubs, for example are warm to the touch and offer good insulation to ensure that hot water doesn’t cool quickly, it is also the lightest option with the average acrylic tub weighting in at around 50kg. Freestanding is preferred for a hotel luxe feel, yet inset options with bath-over-shower cater to all visitor preferences when space is tight in rural or historic buildings.

Increasingly popular is Bagnoquartz, a composite stone is manufactured from a specialised compound of natural minerals. Offering all the benefits of natural stone, Bagnoquartz has a velvety smooth feel, is easily maintained and incredibly durable, and looks simply stunning.

Formed steel bathtubs with a porcelain-enamel coating have long been a favourite of the hospitality industry, being cost-effective and having plenty of scope for production in different sizes and shapes. Enamelled steel is also highly durable and resistant to acid, corrosion and abrasion, making it easy to clean with low maintenance required.

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