FOCUS reimagines fire with the Holographick

The first in a new range, the Ergofocus Holographik model breaks new ground with an astoundingly realistic holographic fire that marries sensory pleasure, technological innovation and the timeless style of FOCUS fireplaces…

Focus Ergofocus Holographik fireplace in hotel lobby

For more than 50 years, FOCUS has been disrupting the conventions of traditional wood fireplaces and gas fires. Today, it is blazing the trail of a new era – virtual fire. A fire powered by electricity with a pioneering holographic system coupled with realistic ceramic logs to produce a 3D effect of unprecedented realism. A fire uniquely adapted to today’s world and living spaces. The first FOCUS model to feature this technology, the Ergofocus Holographik, has a hearth that pivots 80 degrees so the fire can be enjoyed from any angle.

Focus fireplace Ergofocus Holographik in seaside guestroom

Image credit: FOCUS

Whether in a private home or a luxury hotel, this pioneering, fuelless fireplace can be installed anywhere and is operated with a simple touch of a button. Only an electrical supply is required to power it, and the flue is purely decorative, so there are no connection constraints. The flue can be adapted to all ceiling heights. All of these aspects mean the Ergofocus holographik is suitable for any interior, in even the most improbable settings. Its ease of use is specifically designed for contract and retail environments, with just a simple on/off switch on the appliance. No adjustments are necessary. No complicated operating instructions, no need to use the remote control after the initial set-up, no application that would make it difficult for a team to use. The successful combination of simple installation and easy operation, makes it the perfect fireplace for spaces that welcome the public and have strict safety standards such as hotels, restaurants and boutiques.

Protecting the environment is a primordial concern for us all. Regulations in this sense are multiplying and becoming stricter, and the traditional fireplace sector is no exception. Standards around the world are increasingly restricting the use of wood and fossil fuel. In parallel, new and renovated buildings are becoming more energy efficient, reducing the need for heating. In this context, the Holographik fireplace is the environmental answer for those who wish to enjoy the pleasure of fire with zero emissions.

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Main image credit: FOCUS