Encouraging guests to enjoy outdoor spaces will help hotels to thrive again

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    Encouraging guests to enjoy outdoor spaces will help hotels to thrive again

    To launch this month putting ‘Outdoor Style’ through the editorial lens, Hotel Designs asks The Fine Cotton Company how hotels can make their outdoor spaces more comfortable…

    Alongside special occasions, escaping the every day and getting back to nature is often a reason to book a stay in a luxury hotel. 

    As we all look to the future, our expectation is this will become a key reason for guests to choose their hotel, with the thought of enjoying the freedom of outdoor space, breathing in the air and soothing the soul being front of all of our minds right now.

    Considering that hoteliers now would be smart to consider how they can support their guests to enjoy their outdoor spaces for longer. Whether it’s taking afternoon tea on the terrace, lounging by the pool, walks in the garden or doing yoga classes on the lawn providing their guests with soft blankets and comforting throws in natural fabrics to keep them cosy will enable their guest to enjoy the spaces for longer.

    Image credit: The Fine Cotton Company

    Contemporary stone washed cottons, such as those in the Portofino waffle blanket collection, make great choices for gardens, spas and pool areas as they are washable and easily laundered.

    And for a more traditional choice, super soft merino wool blankets like the Keswick and Kendal ranges draped across the backs of chairs or left in baskets for guests to help themselves to as they take a stroll make excellent additions.

    Luxurious merino wool wraps like are also a thoughtful and stylish way to keep your guests (warm and ) comfortable. Our clients often ask us to have them monogrammed with their hotel logo as they make a popular choice for guests to purchase to take home to remember their stay too.

    Outdoor spaces we can all enjoy with freedom feels a while away right now, but those hotels who can offer this retreat as part of the hotel experience will inevitably attract new guests in the future.

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    Main image credit: The Fine Cotton Company

    Hamish Kilburn / 01.05.2020


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