Case study: TREND Mosaics goes green in a statement kitchen

Settling on bottle greens and golds for an overall vision of the bar and social space, the the final interpretation was left to TREND to work its mosaic magic…

bar counter with green mosaic surface by TREND mosaics and green glass lights above

Bringing a dark 15th century kitchen up to date and making it part of a modern home demanded some bold decisions. This was the challenge facing TREND Mosaics when reimagining a social space for clients making the move into a country estate in Nottinghamshire. Faced with a featureless 75 square foot sub-basement room, it needed to be transformed into a fun, opulent and creative entertainment space. It was decided to bring the room to life by injecting strong colour accents and bold, statement design features.

detail of mosaic surface of curved bar in green and gold mosaics

Image credit: TREND Mosaic

TREND’s Emerald Mix was chosen for its vibrant green shades and gold accents, adding real depth and interest to the feature bar. Made up from a combination Vitreo (opaque), Brillante (sparkling), Shining (iridescent), Feel (textured) and Aureo (24-carat gold) tesserae, the design creates a subtle background of varying shades and textures that capture and play with the light from every angle. Mosaics also allow the surface to curve around the contours of the bar with ease.

niche seating along a wall in green wallpaper and decorative mirrors with green mosaic details

Image credit: TREND Mosaic

The design is also repeated around the mirror frames, extending the effect around the room. Supported by a rich leaf-pattern wallpaper, swirl-design seating fabric and gold bolster cushions, the overall effect creates a verdant interior landscape that balances relaxation with a latent energy. Comprised of up to 78 per cent post-consumer recycled glass, the tesserae take the ‘green’ theme beyond mere colour into the use of responsibly produced eco-friendly materials. For TREND, Emerald Mix was a natural choice for the project and one that achieved the desired effect perfectly.

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Main image credit: TREND Mosaic