Product watch: TREND Mosaics – embracing the curve

Using mosaics to embrace the power of the curve, TREND leaves no surface untouched. Pillars, columns, arches, curves all help to bring a natural softness and flow to any structure, allowing the eye to travel more freely from one feature to another…

curved central staircase leading to a curved wall with floral mosaic following the curve in pinks and reds

The trouble with most flat surfaces is basically that they’re just that – flat! Architecture in general follows rectilinear design principles, a combination of straight lines and sharp angles. In hotel design terms this translates into large spaces being broken up into box-like structures with different roles and purposes. From guest rooms to lobbies, restaurants and bars to corridors and even outside areas, all are limited to large areas of space enclosed by four walls.

For architects and interior designers, the challenge is to make these spaces work not just efficiently, but aesthetically and create areas that are warm, welcoming and friendly. Adding curves into the equation can help to add a dynamic that immediately makes one feel more relaxed, connected and human.

curved vortex shaped pillar covered in striped mosaic rising up from behind a curved bar

Image credit: TREND Mosaic

From a design perspective, whilst curves open a whole new world of creative possibilities, they also bring their own set of problems and limitations. How do you dress a rounded surface with a hard, flat material? The answer lies in an art form that is centuries old, yet completely in tune with modern design. Mosaics are naturally suited to the task. Their small size allows them to follow contours and shapes of all sizes and forms, creating intimate corners or sweeping vistas of colour and pattern. The interplay of light and shade on coloured glass can be visually stunning and totally captivating, adding an extra dimension to hotel interiors and exteriors.

curved bathroom wall in gold floral mosaic running behind white freestanding bath

Image credit: TREND Mosaic

TREND’s vast range of glass mosaics are perfectly suited to meet the demands of modern fluid design. Easily adapted to follow curved surfaces of any size or scale, they can be fully customised to create any design, pattern, or image. TREND even produce a range of special curved mosaics created especially for this purpose.

Available in various formats and a myriad of colours, including gold leaf, TREND mosaics feature an interlocking system that not only allows greater flexibility, but ensures seamless integration and easy installation.

Made from recycled glass, the tiles are also a fully sustainable and eco-friendly solution, while the brand is fully committed to green practices and producing the highest quality materials without compromise. TREND mosaics allow designers complete freedom to create original works of art that stand apart from the ordinary and create interior and exterior landscapes that shine with originality and grace.

Main image credit: TREND Mosaic