Bespoke brilliance from Northern Lights

From understated luxe to the avant-garde, Northern Lights have created bespoke luxury lighting for the hospitality sector across a range of impressive projects. We take a closer look at a few of the projects that had us swinging from the chandeliers…

Statement lighting by Northern Lights at the Belmond Cadogen

With projects that begin on the drawing board, and get taken right through to installation, Northern Lights create bespoke lighting pieces, handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans in its UK facility. With particular expertise in glass techniques and metal fabrication, along with an extensive range of finishes, the designs utilise the creative capabilities and push the boundaries of manufacturing to create some of the most iconic luxury bespoke lighting on a global scale.​​​​​​​

The array of different bespoke lighting developed for  The Cadogan, Belmond was designed to reflect the spirit of a grand townhouse. It required scale and impact without overpowering the unique features in the space. The reception chandelier features two large rings with bespoke spun shades finished in off-white with a warm and luxurious gold interior.

chandelier in the bar at Belmond Cadogen designed by Northern Lights

Image credit: Belmond Cadogen / Michael Franke

With strong Art Deco influences, the brief for the opulent bar area in The Cadogan called for a two-tier feature chandelier comprising forty-four crackled glass globes, each housed by individual copper-spun pans. The frame of the extravagant bespoke centrepiece was handcrafted using mirror-polished nickel. The central chandeliers in the restaurant areas feature lead crystal tiers and hand cut oval textured glass on a tiered ring. The opacity and layering of the glass components allow the light to softly radiate through each piece with different intensity as guests move around the room.

hand blown glass makes up the chandelier over the bar at Mayfair Townhouse

Image credit: Mayfair Townhouse / Northern Lights

Northern Lights were appointed to develop deco-inspired lighting installations for the award-winning Mayfair Townhouse project, led by designers Goddard Littlefair. Centre stage in The Dandy Bar sits the impressive overhead lighting feature, luring guests to a truly atmospherically lit space. The bespoke design took inspiration from the form of delicate feathers, akin to flapper outfits made popular in the 1920s. Comprised of over 100 hand-blown glass pieces, each glass segment was pressed into a moulded hand carved tool to make each piece unique. Northern Lights worked with their artisans to develop an application of fine glass ‘flecks’ into each piece. Hand-applied to support the organic design intent and individuality, it created a subtle yet eye-catching twinkling effect integral to the brief. The lighting piece weighed in at over 150 kilograms, spanning over four metres in width.

chandelier in Oatlands Park Hotel by Northern Lights

Image credit@ Oatlands Park Hotel / Northern Lights

The large scale glass and brass finish chandelier, which demands attention in the lobby at Oatlands Park, came with several engineering challenges. The initial mild steel model was three times over the maximum weight allowance. The team at Northern Lights changed the approach, selecting alternative materials and modular slimline designs to maintain the aesthetic design principles but with a much lighter weight, ensuring the integrity and safety of the huge installation. An asymmetric series of rings are dressed in undulating clear fluted glass tubes to ensure as much light bypasses the structure from the skylight above, with brass antiqued tubes to offset the delicacy of the glass. Illuminated entirely with LED, each tier benefits from a uniform glow to accentuate the decorative perimeter tubes and create a warm ambience in the evening.

contemporary lighting over the dinner table in the private dining room at the Carlton tower Jumeirah

Image credit: Carlton Tower Jumeirah / Northern Lights

The brief for the Carlton Tower Jumeirah with designers 1508 London, required a vast quantity of exquisitely crafted bespoke lighting for the numerous public spaces. The artisans at Northern Lights utilised many luxurious materials including porcelain, brass, bronze and cut glass. Upon entrance to the hotel, guests are greeted by fixed cylindrical wall lights, expertly crafted using fine reeded glass and finished in a bronze lacquer. The frosted acrylic tube within enhances the illuminated effect, providing light that perfectly reflects the finish’s surface.
In the Al Mare private dining room an incredible 1.8 metre-wide brass pendant is fixed centrally above the main dining table, creating a unique focal point. This elegant design features eight brass arms, each complete with slumped porcelain dishes offering an inviting ambience.

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Main image credit: Belmond Cadogen / Michael Franke