Atlas Concorde expands its Boost Natural collection

The updated Boost Natural Pro collection now includes eight new colours inspired by the warm nuances of raw earth, offering designers a palette of 15 shades inspired by clay tones…

dining room table and chairs in room with Boost Natural Pro tiles from atlas Concorde

The Boost Natural collection was born in 2021 from the partnership between Atlas Concorde and architect Matteo Brioni, offering one of the broadest selections of tiles with a handcrafted raw-earth look on the market. The new collection continues the success of Boost Natural and follows up on the collaboration with Brioni, fourth-generation member of a family of kiln workers from Gonzaga and founder of a unique business in Italy that has in its DNA the production of raw earth finishes with a contemporary look for the world of architecture.

room set showcases Boost Natural wall and floor tile by Atlas concorde

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

Like with Boost Natural, at the heart of Boost Natural Pro is an element as ancient as raw earth, the archetype of more modern (cement-based) binders, a material that is now increasingly valued in interior design for its natural, textured appearance and ability to give a natural feel and warmth to rooms with a minimalist, simple look.

Building on this renewed interest, Boost Natural and Boost Natural Pro set out to combine the beauty of raw earth with the exceptional technical performance of porcelain floor and wall tiles, transferring the natural details that have always characterized this material and the handmade touch of craftsmanship to ‘industrial’ surfaces.

Atlas Concorde Boost Natural sample collection

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

Boost Natural Pro pursues this intent by expanding the Boost Natural line with eight new colours inspired by the warm nuances of raw earth, brand new surfaces that are even more elegant and refined, and a new décor that, with its three 3D structures and original design, demonstrates an attention to wall decoration that has always distinguished the Boost Natural collection.

The surfaces of the tiles reproduce the loamy look of clay, with its slight irregularities, soft colours, and delicate tone-on-tone nuances. Overall, the appearance looks continuous and uniform, but if you look more closely you can see the details, such as the marks left by the trowel, traces of the artisan’s hand, and the grains of the clay. Thanks to the characteristics of the porcelain material used to replicate the hand-made concrete effect, the project also extends the use of raw earth to the outdoor world.

designer Matteo Brioni with Atlas Concorde tile collection

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

Brioni has developed eight new colours for Boost Natural Pro: two muted greys (Dove and Cinder) are joined by three different shades of taupe (Salt, Oat, and Sand), to which are added three brighter, more vivid shades (Skin, Lava, and Coffee), which together create a palette with a natural character. Skin, Lava, and Coffee add a touch of personality to Boost Natural Pro by offering you the possibility of expressing yourself with greater creative freedom and giving a distinctive, contemporary character to the space they’re used in.

contemporary natural interior with tiled surfaces

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

The eight new colours of Boost Natural Pro combined with the shades of Boost Natural make up a palette of 15 shades inspired by clay tones, resulting in one of the most comprehensive collections of tiles with a handmade-concrete effect on the market.

The collection includes three different finishes for floors: Velvet, Mate, and Grip Sensitech and Outdoor 20 mm. Velvet offers a new precious, elegant version of raw earth with original reflections created through the use of patented Velvetech technology. The touch is velvety, the silky reflections semi-opaque,
and the natural look of the surface is highlighted by areas of varying opacity and microscopic nicks perceptible in side or reflected light. Velvet is recommended for residential or commercial floors having no anti-slip requirements.

textured wall tiles from Atlas concorde

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

Matte and Grip Sensitech have a slightly trowelled yet uniform finish. Both are made with  Sensitech technology, a high-tech surface for indoor and outdoor spaces that ensures easy cleaning and a soft touch. The difference between the two solutions is the non-slip index: R10B for the Matte, R11C for the Grip.

Outdoor 20 mm is the outdoor slab with a three-dimensional surface featuring a microsandblasted effect and a more prominent graphic contrast, which highlights the earthy effect of the collection and makes it the most suitable solution for natural settings. The 20 mm outdoor surfaces also feature Sensitech technology, which makes them especially pleasant to the touch and easy to clean, with R11C anti-slip performance.

textured wall tile from Atlas Concorde

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

Another characteristic element of the Boost Natural Pro collection are the wall tiles in the 50×120 cm format, which complement, enhance, and complete the porcelain tile floors, reproducing the earthy appearance of clay and its irregularities through three 3D textures (Wave, Rice, and Craft) and one décor (Motion), renewing Atlas Concorde’s and the Boost Natural line’s focus on wall decoration.

3D Wave is a three-dimensional surface already included in the Boost Natural collection that was originally produced based on a handmade sketch by the architect Brioni. What sets it apart is the delicate wave relief enriched by small imperfections typical of hand trowelling. 3D Wave is available in the Salt, Oat, Cinder, and Skin colours, as well as the Kaolin, Ash, and Ecru in Boost Natural.

atlas concorde wall tiles wave

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

3D Rice is a three-dimensional surface with a striped, highly textured pattern inspired by work done on rice paper. The soft, irregular texture distributed over the whole surface conveys the unique traits of raw earth. Salt, Oat, and Cinder are the three-color variants available.

The 3D Craft surface has a three-dimensional botanical relief made with the ‘trowel’ technique inspired by the evocative earthy effect of engravings on clay. The surface is available in the three shades of Salt, Oat, and Cinder.

What makes the Motion Decor unique is the technique used to make it: a delicate wave relief enriched with small imperfections typical of the artisan’s hand trowelling of the clay. The wave pattern, enriched with vertical stripes in slight relief, achieved through the use of materials that produce a pleasant grainy effect on the surface, perfectly matches the collection’s natural spirit. The Motion Decor is available in two colours: Oat, with a tone-on-tone design, and Coffee, where the contrast between the background and the vertical and horizontal lines is more prominent.

tiled kitchen wall in Atlas Concorde Boost Natural

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

Boost Natural Pro is the ideal solution for floor and wall tiles, as well as for furnishings (kitchen countertops or sinks from the Atlas Concorde Habitat range) capable of warming interiors with a sophisticated, refined touch, where it is the details that make the difference. The added value of this collection is the possibility of deploying the raw-earth look not only indoors, but also in wetter outdoor settings. The porcelain solutions offered by Atlas Concorde expand the possible applications of the raw-earth effect, which can thus also be used to decorate bathrooms, showers, and outdoor spaces, allowing the design to be developed consistently across all spaces, maintaining the common thread of a strong earthy expressiveness combined with delicate colour contrasts.

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Main image credit: Atlas Concorde