Spotlight On: Furniture line made from forgotten traditional material

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    As combining materials seemed to be a major theme of this year’s London Design Festival, editor Hamish Kilburn went beyond the show to investigate how one furniture company decided to use an often forgotten material from the 20th century for its latest collection of contract seating…

    British design brand Deadgood launched a brand new collection of furniture at this year’s designjunction at London Design Festival 2018.

    ‘Hug Chair’ utilises Lloyd Loom, a traditional yet somewhat forgotten 20th century material, manipulated over a plywood shell and sat atop a recycled steel frame. The new dining and lounge chair version of the ‘Hug Chair’ was on the stand along with a number of other new designs in Oak and Upholstered finishes.

    “After much experimentation we were able to manipulate the shape of this well loved material by applying it directly to a plywood shell,” said Vicki Leach, Deadgood Design Director. “By contrasting Lloyd Loom with a powder coated steel frame the aesthetic is somewhat refreshed for a modern interior, hopefully giving this tried and tested material a new lease of life.

    Machine-woven Lloyd Loom is manufactured out of Kraft paper twisted round fine aluminium wire. The material is smooth to the touch, impervious and remarkably strong and durable. Deadgood adopted to use Lloyd Loom in order to create a thoroughly modern range of products with a distinctive yet altogether familiar aesthetic. “The result is subtle and not overwhelming, lending itself to gently merging in with the current workplace and hospitality trends,” concluded Leach.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 24.09.2018


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