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In Conversation With: British designer Bim Burton

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In Conversation With: British designer Bim Burton

Following the unveil of his latest collaboration with bathroom manufacturer Kaldewei, Bim Burton sits down with Hotel Designs to discuss sustainability in design and the inspiration behind ‘those bath chairs’… 

Bim Burton is an innovative modern furniture maker and designer, creating timeless design with space saving ideas. Taking this year’s themes of (Re)act at designjunction, Bim and Kaldewei worked together to create, exclusively, for designjunction, a series of recyclable, sustainable unique bath chairs in three different styles.

These were showcased within the Installations area, located in Lewis Cubitt Park, Kings Cross, London, throughout designjunction, which was very well attended and hosted cutting-edge designers, breakthrough brands, an unrivalled talks programme and unique design experiences.

Kaldewei steel enamel baths are 100 per cent recyclable, made from Kaldewei’s ownsuperior steel enamel and have been ingeniously crafted to Bim’s unique design -creating beautiful, designer chairs for designjunction’s visitors to relax in.

Hotel Designs: Why did you want to be part of designjunction?

Big Burton: I was really flattered to be asked to take part in designjunction this year. I was recommended by British Designer Steuart Padwick, the creator of the breathtaking sculpture “Head Above Water’ also on show in London. Designjunction is one of the best destinations during the London Design Festival (LDF), so obviously, I just couldn’t say no.

Image credit:: Bim Burton/Kaldewei

HD: Where did the idea to create bath chairs come from?

BB: The theme this year is (Re)act and renew so when designjunction asked me what I would design, I immediately thought of the bath chair as it’s an object which is notonly functional but has the chance of a second life. The Kaldewei bath makes a great exterior for seating and I thought this was relevant today with the theme re- use as well as being great for an outside seating area.

HD: Why is sustainability so important to you?

Sustainability should be important to everyone. Kaldewei’s baths are 100 per cent recyclable so perfect for this product. During my time as a designer, I have recycled many objects into practical and interesting pieces of furniture.

“I’ve found Kaldewei to be very enthusiastic when working with their baths.” – Bim Burton

HD: Why Kaldewei?

BB: Again, this was a recommendation, this time from designjunction. I’ve found Kaldewei to be very enthusiastic when working with their baths. I couldn’t believehow well made and strong they are, I would definitely recommend them as a bath for their design and durability alone. Kaldewei were very generous in providing me with the chance to realise my design idea of turning baths into chairs – to reuse baths as seating. Kaldewei provided their steel enamel baths for me to cut and workout different ways to use the parts as chairs. I turned them up, sideways, and discovered how many variations I could make. I am very grateful for them trusting me and my imagination.

HD: How did you find working with steel enamel?

BB: Cutting the steel wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had imagined, cutting the steel with the right tools is very forgiving!

HD: What was the biggest challenge?

In a word – “time”. There just isn’t enough of it. Time is so precious, I usually havevery little of it to bring a project together.

HD: What was the most enjoyable part of the project?

BB: I’ve enjoyed working with the challenge of the bath shape and its material, as well as having the freedom to use my creativity bringing to life my design – transforming the baths into bath chairs!

HD: What’s happened to the bath chairs now that the event has passed?

BB: Good question! They will probably go for sale. I already have a list of people who would like one… so let’s see.

From Inside to Out is in collaboration with – Kaldewei, AJ Wells, Agua Fabrics & AHEC.

Main image credit: Bim Burton/Kaldewei

designjunction: Hotel Designs readers entitled to 50% discount

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designjunction: Hotel Designs readers entitled to 50% discount

Using the code DJ700, readers of Hotel Designs are entitled a 50 per cent discount on tickets to designjunction, which takes place from September 19-22 in London… 

As a proud media partner for the exhibition that takes place during London Design Festival, Hotel Designs is offering its readers a 50 per cent discount on tickets to designjunction. Readers can access this benefit by entering the code DJ700 when applying online.

The four-day exhibition will present more than 200 international design brands across multiple King’s Cross locations surrounding the striking UAL Central Saint Martin’s building.

Presenting the latest in cutting-edge design each year during the London Design Festival, designjunction is described as London’s leading contemporary interior design show, facilitating connections between architects, interior designers, retailers and exhibitors. Encompassing the best in furniture, lighting, jewellery and home accessories, the event is a place for industry leaders to gather with the widest variety of influential and international designers.

“Readers can access this benefit by entering the code DJ700 when applying online.”

For eight years running, designjunction has attracted thousands of architects, interior designers, specifiers, retailers, buyers and consumers to its show doors. Each year its exhibitors make lasting connections with influential figures in the design industry, designed to create partnerships that are made to last.

Hotel Designs will be on the ground throughout London Design Festival with ‘LIVE FROM LDF’ capturing all the news from the exhibition as it happens.

designjunction to return to Kings Cross

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
designjunction to return to Kings Cross

The highly anticipated trade and consumer event, designjunction, will return to Kings Cross, London from September 19 – 22…

designjunction, which annually arrives fashionably late for London Design Festival, will return to Kings Cross in London from September 19 – 22. The trade and consumer event, which last year for the first time in its history took place on the city’s Southbank and was attended by more than 27,000 visitors across five days, will present more than 200 global design brands across multiple King’s Cross locations surrounding UAL Central Saint Martin’s building.

Following mass transformation to the area, King’s Cross is home to Coal Drops Yard, which is a shopping and restaurant district designed by architecture firm Heatherwick Design Studio. The area is now the home for 67 acres of inspiring businesses including Google, Universal Music Group and Tom Dixon Studio. With an annual footfall of approximately 20 million people, the area has become a vibrant cultural scene.

Presenting the latest in cutting-edge design each year during the LDF, designjunction is described as London’s leading contemporary interior design show, facilitating connections between architects, interior designers, retailers and exhibitors. Encompassing the best in furniture, lighting, jewellery and home accessories, the event is a place for industry leaders to gather with the widest variety of influential and international designers.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be returning to this vibrant, connected part of London, and to once again be working closely with King’s Cross,” said designjunction’s Director, Mark Gordon. “Coal Drops Yard has opened since we were last at this location, so there’s a whole new experience we can offer our visitors. This is an incredibly exciting year for designjunction and our return gives us the opportunity to continue working with the best designers in the industry to create fantastic installations.”

Cubitt House will be the go-to-place to see more than 100 international furniture and lighting brands. The Canopy will shelter a curated mix of design-led products and high-end accessories to cutting-edge tech, jewellery, ceramics and stationary. Cubitt Park will become the discovery area, where the show will present the latest cutting-edge design alongside eateries, bars and installations.

For eight years running, designjunction has attracted thousands of architects, interior designers, specifiers, retailers, buyers and consumers to its show doors. Each year its exhibitors make lasting connections with influential figures in the design industry, designed to create partnerships that are made to last.

Main image credit: designjunction

VitrA launches new textured tile collections

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VitrA’s new tile collection has launched at Ceraie in Bologna, Italy…

Known for its innovative ceramic surface solutions, VitrA has unveiled a series of new designs at specialist ceramic fair Cersaie in Bologna, Italy. Since exhibiting at London Design Festival’s designjunction, the company has Introduced two new colour schemes – ColorCode and Natural Stone – with the aim to strengthen VitrA’s ongoing research in textures and materials to life.

ColorCode combines a striking colour palette, boasting a vast array of materials and finishes, providing hotels with endless design possibilities.

Its simplicity draws inspiration from monochromatic minimalism enhanced by the diversity of materials. “With ColorCode, VitrA has fused the urban character of concrete, the natural delicacy of wood grains, the organic element of pebbles and the radiance of metal with the timelessness of ceramic,” the company said in a statement.

Various finishes and materials include Urbancrete, Ceppostone, Scale, Urbanwood and Metalcrete.

Meanwhile, with the new Natural Stone colour scheme, VitrA has introduced new surfaces that allow the user to create a range of combinations, which include Stonelevel and Cardostone.

Spotlight On: Furniture line made from forgotten traditional material

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As combining materials seemed to be a major theme of this year’s London Design Festival, editor Hamish Kilburn went beyond the show to investigate how one furniture company decided to use an often forgotten material from the 20th century for its latest collection of contract seating…

British design brand Deadgood launched a brand new collection of furniture at this year’s designjunction at London Design Festival 2018.

‘Hug Chair’ utilises Lloyd Loom, a traditional yet somewhat forgotten 20th century material, manipulated over a plywood shell and sat atop a recycled steel frame. The new dining and lounge chair version of the ‘Hug Chair’ was on the stand along with a number of other new designs in Oak and Upholstered finishes.

“After much experimentation we were able to manipulate the shape of this well loved material by applying it directly to a plywood shell,” said Vicki Leach, Deadgood Design Director. “By contrasting Lloyd Loom with a powder coated steel frame the aesthetic is somewhat refreshed for a modern interior, hopefully giving this tried and tested material a new lease of life.

Machine-woven Lloyd Loom is manufactured out of Kraft paper twisted round fine aluminium wire. The material is smooth to the touch, impervious and remarkably strong and durable. Deadgood adopted to use Lloyd Loom in order to create a thoroughly modern range of products with a distinctive yet altogether familiar aesthetic. “The result is subtle and not overwhelming, lending itself to gently merging in with the current workplace and hospitality trends,” concluded Leach.

As all this month Hotel Designs is focusing the spotlight on furniture, we are on the hunt for interesting furniture pieces that have recently launched. Tweet our editorial team on Twitter @hoteldesigns.






Editor’s round-up of London Design Festival 2018

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As the 16th edition of London Design Festival comes to a close, Hamish Kilburn shares the interior design moments, trends and discussions that made London’s design scene roar once more…

Ten design districts, nine days, eight talks, seven parties, six after parties, five exhibitions, four hours sleep between each day, three fabulous media partners, two tired legs and ONE city. This year, an estimated number of more than 450,000 designers, architects and creatives from more than 75 countries visited the 16th edition of London Design Festival – and what a way to remind the world of London’s position as one of the best design hubs in the world than with the installation of a fifth lion protecting the city’s landmark Neslon’s Column in Trafalgar Square. We were ready to hear London Design Festival roar, and with two days still remaining, that roar can still be heard echoing in an around the city.

Image credit: designjunction


Positioned in the one-stop interior design haven of Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, with more than 120 showrooms, Focus18 began with a topical discussion about how to use Instagram effectively for business.

Among the showrooms, Vaughan showcased a new collection with a strong focus on table lamps. Demonstrating that interior design inspiration can come from anywhere, its new Tribal collection is based on travels around the globe that Lucy Vaughan, the creative director of the brand, has experienced. The result is an array of vibrant lampshades, embroidered cushions and unusual upholstered chairs which aim to celebrate the craftsmanship and culture of fabrics Vaughan and her daughter have sourced. Each unique in their own right, the collection is ideal for boutique hotels looking to create a statement, an editorial story we brought you only last week.

Image caption: Vaughan’s new Tribal collection

Elsewhere, the award-winning Alexandra Champalimaud celebrated her love of fabrics by unveiling Framework. With its durable features, the collection for Holland & Sherry is perfect for hotels. Champalimaud herself chose the materials, textures and colours that she would use when designing hotels, such as the recently completed The Academy and the highly anticipated Monkey Island, which is about to be unveiled.

“Tackling the topic of ‘Interiors in two great cities’, interior designer and owner of PSW Interior Design Paul Williams and architect and designer Emmanuelle Sirven.”

Collecting Best Wallpaper Collection of the show was Anna French’s Palampore collection. The highly detailed collection takes strong inspiration by the strong visual and graphic arts and design moment that occurred at the turn of the 20th century – with purple being a dominating colour story within the collection.

Another wallpaper that captured the attention of the crowd was Cole & Son’s new hand-painted Botanical range. The collection, which is inspired by a seasonal exploration of the English landscape, was showcased in the company’s new Chelsea showroom home. Strong references of lilac, wisteria, thistle, bluebells, roses, allium, fern and maidenhair are featured in the wallcoverings and designer Kathleen Hockey was at the showroom with a live painting demonstration to help further explain the range.

Showcasing something different, edgy brand House of Hackney unveiled a spectacular collection of wallpaper, fabrics and accessories created in partnership with the renowned and historical French wallpaper house, Zuber. But what really stood out was the eye-catching furniture, with the Saber becoming the statement piece of the showroom.

This year, Focus/18 celebrated its positive power with ‘Journey of Colour’, a specially commissioned installation by international artist Moritz Waldemeyer which offers an unforgettable immersive experience of light, colour and movement.

Image credit: House of Hackney

Tackling the topic of ‘Interiors in two great cities’, interior designer and owner of PSW Interior Design Paul Williams and architect and designer Emmanuelle Sirven, discussed how each destination’s distinctive voice have made them the interior design hubs they are known for being today. In addition to this, tickets to this year’s Brit List, which on November 22 will celebrate the best designers, hoteliers and architects in Britain today, are available online.

Image credit: Focus18

There was an overarching theme of ‘The Colour of Light’ happening among Chelsea, with two designers, Rebecca Weir and Sophie Robinson, taking on the topical talk on how to inject light and personality into your interiors. Robinson’s talk focused around the psychology of colour and how it can be used to invigorate the design process. Meanwhile, Weir’s panel focused the topic on lighting technology, a trend that was predicated by Richmond’s Fiona Thompson not so long ago.

Wrapping up the show was Arte International with a fabulous, in-depth trend report on the rise in powerful, positive and exuberant palattes. The Design Centre Chelsea Harbour‘s Becky Metcalfe took the microphone to give audience members a round-up of AW18’s most defining interior trends.

(Hotel Designs is a proud media partner)

Hidden in London’s leafy neighbourhood in south west London – in between Richmond and Kew – Syon Park, for the last time, became a hub of design, welcoming the world to experience the latest products, trends and hot discussions.

The theme given to the designers who created this year’s main entrance was Blank Canvas, which opened the floodgates to let in innovative, bold and lavish designs from four visionary creatives. Henry Prideaux took the theme and unveiled a classic British set which was inspired by his school days. The set took materials and colours of his school, the uniform, the architecture and incredible aesthetic of his surroundings. Simone Suss went geometric and quirky, incorporating the interests and passions that have inspired her including a diverse spectrum of music, art and fashion. Meanwhile, Brian Woulfe went into the jungle with bold, botanical design and Jo Legleud and Scott Maddux went ruby red with a strong disco theme.

Where lighting has becoming such a major focus as technology improves, Le Deun Luminaire were certainly ahead of the curve resulting in them winning Best New Product Launch by the Decorex awards, and its clear to see why. With a strong focus on dynamic, statement lighting, the company has succeeded in its mission to allow function to generate the shape, and to create lighting that is effective, not only decorative.

Image credit: Le Deun Luminaire

This year, the show’s 400 exhibitors included the likes of Knot Rugs, Ian Sanderson and Dedar to Little Green, Timorous Beasties and Robert Langford. Decorex also welcomed around 50 first-time exhibitors – Officine Gullo, Sahrai, Meisterwerke, Another Country, Sharon Marston and Benott among them.

Another interesting addition to this year’s show was ‘In The Making’, an area of the hall which shed light on how products are made, finished and decorated, using artisans and craftspeople to showcase materials and design processes.

The first participant was Shalini Misra Ltd, a London-based interior designer with an impressive portfolio of award-winning projects. The studio partnered with iconic British luxury brand Asprey to create an interactive ‘dining-scape’.

Image credit: Decorex

Next was Lancashire-based wallcovering brand Lincrusta. Crafting exceptional wallpapers since it was founded in 1877, the brand’s production remains entirely in the UK. It showcased its unparalleled expertise with paint effect demonstrations that revealed how they can be applied to wallcoverings.

“The space featured four different makers a day for the duration of the show.”

Pigmentti offered insight into the technique of bas-relief Marmorino and gold leaf, bringing the ancient material of Marmorino into contemporary architectural design. Live demonstrations were staged while an accompanying wall installation showed the intricacy of a completed design.

The final participant to be announced was Artisan Collective. Its area hosted a group of designers that showed a range of skills, such as furniture making, upholstering and wood-carving. The space featured four different makers a day for the duration of the show, each recreated  ‘a day in the making’ to reveal what a normal day in a workshop or design studio is like.

Beosound Edge is roughly the size and shape of a car wheel and is designed to blend in to its interiors.”

There seemed to be a strong sense of indoor-outdoor among many of the new products exhibited at the show. Photographer Benjamin Rice showcased his large, at-one-with-nature photography in what can only be described as his own private gallery. Fenella Elms, meanwhile, unveiled tactile art/wallcoverings made from porcelain. Innovative mirror-tech company Overmantels displayed its latest collection of TV mirrors, following large demand for hidden technology.  Technology giants Bang Olufsen displayed a minimalist stand as they prepared to launch what was being billed as its ‘coolest speakers yet’, a coin shaped speaker that’s volume controls via tilt. The bold yet minimal and ironically titled Beosound Edge is roughly the size and shape of a car wheel and is designed to blend in to its interiors.

100% Design
(Hotel Designs is a proud media partner)

Colour and looking ahead to the future was this year’s theme as the show took some serious moves to up its game on the design scene. The highlight of the show, in addition to welcoming leading brands into the exhibition hall, was the quality of the 100% talks. Highlights included Thomas Heatherwick, Marcel Wanders, Kelly Hoppen and Marcus Fairs who all took the stage throughout the week at the show’s home in London’s Olympia.

“Down the vibrant carpets, 100% Futures was also an interesting add-on.”

Speaking at the exclusive press launch, Max Fraser, the content editor for the show officially launched the show to the international press. “2018 is a bright and cheerful year, we have gone for colour,” he said. “Another feature we have focused on this year is the future, and where design is heading.”

Image credit: 100% Design

In regards to the exhibitors, the focus for many was corporate furniture with several companies displaying colourful and quirky options. Of those companies was The Meeting Pod Company, which impressed with its fully customisable meeting pods. Made in high quality composite external surfaces, the pods can be installed inside or outside and come in a range of sizes to fit and suit any space. With the promise that it can create virtually any internal or external colour combination, material or specific branding, the company has recently just completed a piece for a client which requested its pods to look like a rocket.

Image credit: The Meeting Pod Company / Rocketmakers

Down the vibrant carpets, 100% Futures was also an interesting add-on, following much hype in the industry on how technology will further shape the look and feel of the hotel of the future. The new exhibition shone light on some of the most exciting designs under the theme ‘Designing for London’ across travel, technology, wellbeing, public spaces and sustainability.

(Hotel Designs is a proud media partner)

Turning up fashionably late, as ever, opening on the Thursday, designjunction, in my opinion, had the sharp edge over London Design Festival with quality brands and sheltering a real, unmatched designer buzz on the quirky riverside of the Southbank.

The award-winning event – and rightly so – showcased more than 200 of the world’s most iconic design brands. The show was presented across three areas which are owned and managed by Coin Street Community builders; the Doon Street site, OXO Tower Wharf and Riverside Walkway. Highlights this year included the second edition of the Rado Star Prize UK, The Mud Shell Project by Stphanie Chaltiel as well as talks programme curated by Justyna Sowa.

On the exhibition floor, LSA International displayed a dymamic sneak peek of its SS19 collection of glasses in-between a strong focus on furniture. New Zealand-based brand Revology was at one with nature with a eco-friendly and striking product which combines dark wood and is made from 100% recyclable, sustainably sourced composite linen fibres, bio-based resin and recycled brass. Another brand that stood out with bold and unique designs included Norr11‘s simple and clean collection, Galvin Brothers‘ quirky hand-made furniture, Johanson‘s eye-catching bar stools and James Burleigh‘s contemporary chairs, tables and stools. Furniture specialist Vitra showcased the new Belleville collection by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Launching in the UK for the first time, the Belleville family consists of hybrid chairs and versatile tables, characterised by its varied materials and muted colours. Leading British furniture brand Deadgood, on the other hand, put the spotlight on its new Hug Armchair, which utilises Lloyd Loom, a traditional yet somewhat forgotten 20th century material, manipulated over a plywood shell and sat atop a recycled steel frame.

Image caption: Deadgood’s Hug Armchair

Downstairs, lighting up ‘lightjunction’ with so much focus on technology in lighting at the moment, there was a clear indication that manufacturers are exploring with the elements, combining materials to create stunning effects.

London Design Fair

Venturing outside zone 1 to the creative heart of East London, London Design Fair was a four-day industry event that brought together 550 exhibitors from more than 36 countries.

Image credit: London Design Festival

For 2018, the show hosted 10 country pavilions, from all corners of the world including the return of the Swedish Design Pavilion alongside the Balearic Islands, Italy, Finland, Korea and Japan.

Other highlights of the week included a fabulous party at Shoreditch’s The Curtain to celebrate 10 years of Design Triangle, the exclusive opening of Kent + London and Kartell by Laufen unveiling its East-meets-West collection in collaboration with celebrated designer Ludovica + Roberto Palomba.

It’s fair to say that London Design Festival has delivered once more in showcasing to the world that Britain remains a strong design hub for inspiration, ideas and savvy innovation. London leaves a lasting impression on the hundreds and thousands of visitors who can now return back to their studios full of creative ideas and vast inspiration.

Main image credit: London Design Festival

Caesarstone UK collaborates with designjunction for innovative restaurant installation

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Following its launch of Metropolitan Collection earlier this year, surface specialist Caesarstone has announced STILL BY FORM, a unique collaboration with designjunction

Surface specialist Caesarstone UK has collaborated with designjunction for a restaurant installation called STILL BY FORM. Curated by design consultancy and procurement specialists, BY FORM, the space is designed with harmonious layers of colour and texture to provide a setting for quiet contemplation within the bustle of the show. The pop-up restaurant serves as a backdrop for exciting interior pieces that are yet to be showcased in the UK.

STILL utilises the newly launched Topus Concrete surface design for the restaurant’s main bar

STILL is influenced by simple Danish design and organic Japanese aesthetics and is a celebration of collaborations with a number of hand-picked brands and designers. The pop-up restaurant installation features a refined collection of design across lighting, textiles, surfaces and furniture, and new materials, including brands like Anour, &tradition, KABE Copenhagen, Zilenzio and Atkinson & Kirby. The menu will be provided by 26 Grains, from Neil’s Yard London.

Caesarstone have been an integral part of the STILL restaurant project from the beginning. STILL utilises the newly launched Topus Concrete surface design for the restaurant’s main bar. Developed as part of the Caesarstone design team’s wider exploration of industrial finishes and weathered patinas, Topus Concrete’s gentle linier pattern is reminiscent of Jupiter’s rotating cloud bands, while its warm blush pink colours sit harmoniously within the calming palette used across STILL.

It has been a wonderful experience working with the team at designjunction

“STILL is one of the most interesting projects within designjunction and the broader London Design Festival for 2018, so we are delighted to have played an active role in its realisation,” said Jon Stanley, VP Marketing, Caesarstone UK. “It has been a wonderful experience working with the team at designjunction, as well as BY FORM and the other partner brands.”

Stanley continued: “Caesarstone places huge value on design, creative thinking and innovation, things we see as fundamentals of our brand. London Design Festival is an essential and vibrant forum for an industry that the UK excels in, helping to promote and nurture those working in the sector, established or otherwise. We believe that it’s critical that brands support it.

“We consider the atmosphere in spaces and rooms to be particularly important and, therefore, we have designed the space with a palette of honest materials and harmonious layers of colours and texture, so you can disconnect for a moment of observation and reflection away from the show.”

In addition to designjunction’s STILL project, Caesarstone UK is supporting numerous other activities with partners across London Design Festival, across K&B studios, lighting and paint brands.



designjunction offering 50% discount on early bird tickets

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Offer ends June 30…

designjunction has announced that anyone to register before June 30, 2018 will benefit from a 50 per cent discount.

Taking place from September 20-23, designjunction will this year take place on London’s Southbank. The show, which is part of London Design Festival, will present hundreds of product launches, boutique pop-up shops, bespoke installations, tempting street food and purpose-built bars across three key exhibition spaces; Oxo Tower Wharf, the Doon Street site and Riverside Walkway.

The Doon Street site will house 200 international design brands and premium pop-up shops. This purpose built super-structure will be the largest and most ambitious build designjunction has ever undertaken presenting furniture, accessories, lighting and homewares in dedicated zones across two floors.

The Riverside Walkway will showcase a series of outdoor installation projects, whilst Oxo Tower Wharf will host major brand activations, exhibitions and experiential events. designjunction is thrilled to join 25 designer-maker stores, with the Oxo Tower Wharf already playing home to renowned brands including Innermost, Black + Blum, Bodo Sperlein and many more.

To take full advantage of the early bird offer, please visit: www.thedesignjunction.co.uk/en/tickets.html 


Mandarin Oriental lobby

Top 5 stories of the week: London fire, summit success and first looks

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Here are our top 5 stories of the week…

1. Mandarin Kensington Fire: Hotel issues statement

fire at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel London

Image credit: Twitter @Watersun555

Not surprisingly, our top story of the week was the Mandarin Oriental London’s devastating fire. It happened on Wednesday afternoon, one week after completing “the most extensive restoration in its 115-year history.”

2. Hotel Designs celebrates record-breaking success at this year’s Hotel Summit 2018

Delegates and suppliers at Hotel Summit 2018

This year’s 20th anniversary of Hotel Summit becomes the most successful event to date in Hotel Designs history. You can read all about this year’s summit and what the delegates and suppliers thought via the link above.

3. First look: University Arms, Cambridge

Large suite wtih bookcase diver and bespoke furniture

Ahead of the opening of University Arms, Cambridge, we went behind the scenes to find out how the design concept developed between interior designer Martin Brudnizki and architect John Simpson.

4. Technology: Is Alexa welcome in the hotel industry?

In-room software

Image credit: Alice, info.aliceapp.com

This has been the most shared story of the week. In our technology feature this month, we’re discussing how tech, placed thoughtfully, can help create a relevant and modern in-room experience. With 73 per cent of travellers wanting in-room voice commands, should hotels offer Alexa in guestrooms? One company believes so.

5. designjunction announces new home for 2018

London Southbank

designjunction is set to transport to the cultural hub of London’s South Bank with a showcase of world-class design for the annual London Design Festival in September 2018.