Sneak Peek: Almond Hotel, Gdańsk

    Almond Hotel, Gdansk
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    Situated in the Old Town part of Gdańsk, the Almond Hotel perfectly brings together the functions of a hotel, restaurant, and a spa & wellness complex.

    The hotel’s interior design was carried out by Paulina Czurak – owner of the Ideograf Architectural Studio – who consequently used numerous references to the history of the locale.

    The Almond Hotel consists of 109 rooms and rich, textured common areas. In the lobby, stone tops made of onyx draw attention, and they refer to the traditional amber of Gdańsk. On the upper floors, fitted carpets have a map of Gdańsk printed on them, designed specially for the hotel.

    In the restaurant part, thanks to the live-cooking concept, the guests are given the chance to observe techniques of cooks’ work. This is a culinary way to make business and private meetings more attractive.

    The two-level restaurant is divided into two zones: the lower one where the bar and the kitchen are situated in the centre, and a more cosy zone on the upper level. An additional attraction, thanks to the unique situation of the hotel, is the window view of the yacht marina.

    The industrial character is added to the interior by suspended shelves and the structure of the bar, on which there are tiles with geometric patterns, which smoothly join the oak pavement. The composition bridge supplementing the wood motif in the interior is the wooden grate on the restaurant ceiling. A similar element is also found in the lobby.

    Almond Hotel

    Daniel Fountain / 05.07.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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