Product Spotlight: Morgan reacting to rise of laptop tables with two new examples

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    Laptop tables are growing in popularity as interior spaces are designed to be more multi-functional. Hotels are responding to the requirement for guests to work anywhere, whether in the lobby area, cafe or their bedroom.

    While many offices are creating more informal spaces for working and interacting with colleagues, in favour of traditional fixed desks. Whether for work or pleasure, so many people now have mobile devices that it makes sense for the combination of seating and table to facilitate this in a comfortable way.

    The latest Metro laptop table from Morgan is inspired by the form of a boomerang. The foot of the metal base is shaped and scaled for ease of use and the table top is a geometric form based loosely on a triangle with squared corners. Offered with a solid wood lipped detail and a variety of laminates, this laptop table offers a lightweight and versatile solution.

    Morgan Metro laptop table

    Morgan’s Metro laptop table

    The Boston laptop table with circular top and cantilever base looks attractive in traditional all timber finish, but is also offered in a versatile range of materials. Bases can be powder coated metal in any colour and the top can be sandblasted or coloured glass, laminate or patterned glass to suit individual design briefs.

    Morgan Boston

    Morgan’s Boston laptop table

    Both tables are 620mm high and can be pulled toward the user with the foot sliding under the seat to allow an ergonomic seated position.

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    Daniel Fountain / 16.03.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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