The Cancún Collection from BoConcept – embracing outdoor elegance

In the domain of modern outdoor living, the new Cancún Outdoor collection from BoConcept emerges as a paragon of design innovation…

green outdoor BoConcept furniture on wood deck

The brainchild of the illustrious Danish designer Morten Georgsen, the Cancún collection from BoConcept epitomises the seamless blend of functionality and finesse. It is a homage to the outdoor living experience, enhancing the connection with nature without compromising the luxury of indoor comfort.

green outdoor table and chair on wooden deck from BoConcept

Image credit: BoConcept

Crafted with an eye for minimalist charm, the collection features sleek, clean lines juxtaposed with organic, rounded forms—a testament to Georgsen’s visionary ethos. The capsule collection, ranging from versatile dining to lounge furniture, is designed to complement diverse exterior landscapes, be it the expansive patios of luxury hotels or the intimate balconies of boutique residences.

Notably, the Cancún series offers a stackable outdoor dining chair available with or without armrests, a practical feature that highlights the collection’s thoughtful design. Accompanying the chairs are elegantly constructed outdoor tables, available in two sizes for dining and café settings, alongside a suite of lounge furnishings that promise comfort and poise.

The designer’s philosophy rings clear in his own words: ” One of our main aims was to design a garden furniture set that’s versatile and comfortable for many hours of enjoyment, this means no edgy corners, it’s all rounded, inviting and smooth.”

Beyond aesthetics, Cancún triumphs in practicality and endurance. The chairs, fashioned from lightweight aluminium, afford ease of movement and storage. A nod to the changing seasons and the needs of dynamic spaces. The tables made from galvanized steel ensures resilience against the elements, a must for any outdoor furnishing of distinction.

Completing the collection’s allure are the soft touches of its upholsteries. Dressed in plush, bouclé fabric, the cushions invite a tactile richness, available in a palette of colours to curate a bespoke ambience for any setting.

Cancún stands as an impeccable choice for outdoor luxury, fusing style with contemporary hues, practicality with durability, and above all, comfort with elegance. This collection is not merely a furniture set; it is a transformative design experience for any outdoor area, awaiting its place in the industry’s most exquisite spaces.

Beyond the captivating Cancún Outdoor collection, BoConcept continues to innovate in the realm of outdoor furnishings. Each piece across their outdoor range is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating spaces that reflect sophistication and relaxation. From the modularity of their extendable dining tables to the plush comfort of weather-resistant sofas, BoConcept’s outdoor line is a diverse curation designed to suit the unique needs of any open-air retreat.

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Main image credit: BoConcept