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    From coral clean-up to sustainable water sourcing, Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort is leading the way in eco-sustainability within the luxury travel sector.

    Currently in the midst of an extensive £3.5 million renovation aimed at eco-sustainability, Phi Phi Island Resort is committed to protecting the beautiful nature that surrounds this spectacular destination.

    The resort recently installed a new reverse osmosis (RO) plant which provides 20,000 litres of clean, sustainable water per hour using a system that requires little maintenance at low cost. In addition, a five-acre plot on the resort grounds has been dedicated to the planting and nurturing of new mangroves.

    Phi Phi Island Village

    Resort guests will also have the opportunity to join staff and community leaders in bi-annual mangrove planting events, with up to 700 mangrove trees to be placed in the on-site plantation. This tropical coastal vegetation protects shorelines from erosion, helps maintain water clarity, and provides breeding and nursery grounds for a number of marine organisms.

    The 18th of every month is named “Save The Sea Day” at Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort. This is when trained staff members check and maintain the resort’s coral nursery with help from hotel guests to collect any rubbish that has built up within a one-kilometre radius of the resort. After 10 months, when the coral is strong enough, it is transplanted onto the offshore reefs that surround the island to replenish the natural beauty beneath the sea.

    Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint

    Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort has also undertaken other sustainable initiatives to reduce the impact of the resort’s ecological footprint, including making natural fertiliser from food waste created at the resort, using earthworms to dispose of wet food waste.

    “We are constantly increasing our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the resort, and we are also encouraging guests to do their part in sustaining the resources and beauty of the region.

    “We aim to reduce the stress that is put upon our environment and return balance to the delicate ecosystems to the best of our ability. With these initiatives in place, we hope to stand as a figurehead for a more environmentally sustainable Koh Phi Phi,” said Mr. Chao Treenawong, General Manager.

    Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint

    The resort’s owners, Singha Estate Plc is working with leading experts from Phi Phi Island National Park Division, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Marine Science Department, Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University and Faculty of Science at Chulalongkorn University; to implement and manage a range of environmentally friendly initiatives at Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort and on Koh Phi Phi island.

    “Change comes from collaboration as we work together to restore Phi Phi Island as a world-renowned destination for marine resources,” said Mr. Naris Cheyklin, CEO, Singha Estate Plc.

    As part of the “Phi Phi Set To Change” Programme, the number of boats and visitors to nearby Loh Ba Gao and Phai Island has been reduced with a ‘park & ride’ system introduced for operators to drop off visitors and moor their boats at floating docks, instead of anchoring at sea, which damages the coral reef. Watchdog boats have also been provided to help park officers work more effectively, assisting visitors and keeping violators away.

    Daniel Fountain / 17.08.2016

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