Greece Hotspot 2024: Part One

Greece continues to be a siren song for travellers seeking sun-drenched shores and unparalleled beauty, and 2024 is no different. We unveil the Greek gems of new hotel openings happening this year…

Greece continues to inspire architects and designers alike, so there’s no surprise that 2024 brings a wave of exciting new Greece hotel openings boasting interiors that are as captivating as the Aegean itself. Let’s dive into a few of these Greek gems and explore what awaits within their stylish walls.

One&Only, Kea Island

one&only kea island greece villa resort

Image credit: One&Only Kea Island, Greece

One&Only Kea Island sets a new standard for luxury in the Cyclades. Stepping inside reveals a haven of sophisticated minimalism. Think clean lines, natural materials like Aegean marble and woven raffia, and a palette that whispers of the sea and sand. Award-winning architect, John Heah, masterfully curates a sense of effortless elegance, where every details – from the bespoke furniture to the curated artwork – speaks volumes about understated luxury.

Domes Novos, Santorini

domes novos santorini

Image credit: Domes Novos Santorini, Greece

Santorini’s volcanic heritage takes centre stage at Domes Novos. Here, the award-winning studio,  Kiros Pagkalidis Architects, seamlessly blends the raw beauty of the island with contemporary design. Think volcanic stone walls juxtaposed with blonde oak furniture, creating a sense of earthy sophistication. Private pools grace each suite, further blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. The real showstopper, however, is the rooftop garden, a tranquil oasis design for savouring Santorini’s legendary sunsets.

Gundari, Folegandros

gundari folegandros resort greece

Image credit: Gundari, Folegandros

Sustainability takes centre stage at Gundari, Folegandros. The interiors reflect a deep respect for the environment, emphasising local materials and craftmanship with handwoven textiles, handcrafted furniture and a muted palette inspired by the island’s natural landscape. The focus here is on understated elegance, where every element – from natural ventilation to the energy-efficient lighting – whispers a story of responsible luxury.

Deos, Mykonos

deos mykonos

Image credit: Deos, Mykonos

Deos, Mykonos brings a fresh perspective to the island’s design scene. The renowned architect, Galal Mahmoud, masterfully blends Mykonos’ enduring allure with contemporary chic. Offering clean lines softened by plush fabrics and a neutral colour scheme accented by pops of Aegean blue. The result is a light-filled haven that celebrates both the island’s heritage and modern design sensibilities.

King Jason, Zante

king jason zante

Image credit: King Jason, Zante

King Jason, Zante caters to adults only, offering an escape that’s equal parts playful and sophisticated. The London-based studio, Automata, injects a splash of personality with pops of colour and playful patterns that pay homage to Zakynthos’ vibrant culture. Clever design elements like swim-up pool suites and a hydrotherapy pool in the hammam-style spa create an atmosphere of indulgence, all wrapped in a contemporary aesthetic.

These are merely a taste of the delights that await in Greece this year. Pack your swimsuit, a sense of adventure and get ready to experience the perfect marriage of style and hospitality in the heart of the Aegean. As summer unfurls we will continue to focus on the design movers and shakers that are shifting boundaries on the Greek hospitality scene.

Main image credit: One&Only, Kea Island