Live from Surface Design Show – Stone Tapestry

One of the highlights at this years Surface Design Show, Stone Tapestry was designed by Squire & Partners to highlight the versatility of natural stone through surface finish and texture, celebrating stones from the British Isles…

Stone Tapestry installation at surface Design show by Squire & Partners

Squire & Partners was invited by collaborators Stone Federation for the third year running to design an explorative natural stone showcase, which sits at the centre of the show’s Stone Gallery. In line with the Surface Design Show’s theme of ‘shaping communities’, this year the installation has focussed on exploring some of the natural stones that have helped shape and create towns and cities across the UK and Europe. The design of the installation gives visitors a unique opportunity to explore the materials and be inspired to utilise the sustainable and aesthetic benefits of using natural stone.

The bespoke LEMA-designed table has been reused from previous years and fitted with a reinvigorated array of stones from Britannicus Stone, SolidNature, Albion Stone and Burlington Stone. Samples have been finished by SolidNature in several different ways, from polished and sand-blasted to leathered and ‘pillowed’, to demonstrate the beauty and versatility of natural stone. ‘Exploring the Stone Tapestry’ talks have been taking place around the table during the show, exploring the concept behind the installation and the materials and methods used to create it.

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Main image credit: James Balston