Live from Surface Design Show: Stone Tapestry – Beyond the Surface

For four years running, Squire & Partners in collaboration with Stone Federation, has been invited to curate an explorative natural stone exhibit at the heart of the show’s Stone Gallery. The latest iteration of Stone Tapestry has been a focal point at this years Surface Design Show…

detail of Stone Tapestry by Squire & Partners at Surface Design Show

Stone Tapestry: Beyond the Surface, making a bold statement centre stage at Surface Design Show, aims to spotlight the aesthetic beauty, sustainability and adaptability of the UK’s native stones. The design emphasises how a meticulous integration of stone, coupled with design elements that accentuate its natural hues and textures, can significantly elevate sustainability benchmarks compared to conventional materials.

Stone tapestry - Stone Federation stand at Surface 2024, designed by Squire & Partners

Image credit: James Balston

Crafted for optimal weight distribution and ease of disassembly, the exhibit ingeniously utilises reclaimed stone fragments. These are artfully assembled within a lightweight framework, further fortified with steel, to showcase the diverse colours, textures and unique attributes of British stone – fusing timeless elegance with contemporary efficiency.

Stone Tapestry Stone Federation stand at Surface 2024, designed by Squire & Partners

Image credit: James Balston

Beyond the Surface challenges traditional notions of scale, offering a comprehensive view of material intricacies, artisanal craftsmanship and cutting-edge engineering. The piece represents a harmonious blend of age-old stonemasonry techniques and modern engineering innovations.

This years interactive installation comes to life through the expertise of The Stonemasonry Company Ltd in partnership with Webb Yates Engineers. The Stone Tapestry features materials sourced from esteemed UK providers, including Albion Stone, Britannicus Stone, Dunhouse Quarry, Hutton Stone and Tradstocks.

Main image credit: James Balston