Dexter Moren Associates announces major re-brand

In a shocking twist that nobody saw coming, Dexter Moren Associates announced last night, during its 30th anniversary celebrations, that it is to re-brand itself as Studio Moren. Editor Hamish Kilburn was at the party, and here’s what he learned…

The Westin London City, designed by Dexter Moren Associates

Designers, clients, fellow members of the press and industry friends of Dexter Moren Associates gathered last night at the recently opened The Westin London City to celebrate 30 years of the company.

Above anything else – and given the circumstances following a few years of serious disruption due to Covid-19 – it was an evening full of positivity, acknowledgment and aptly reflecting a sensitive progression into a new era of design and architecture. However, as well as looking back to realise how much the company had achieved, the evening also marked the next chapter, when the man who has led the company from its conception, Dexter Moren, took to the stage to offer his nod to what three decades of DMA has meant to him professionally and personally.

Image caption: Dexter Moren Associates team celebrating at The Brit List Awards 2019

Image caption: Dexter Moren Associates team celebrating at The Brit List Awards 2019

Following a list of meaningful mentions of those – past and present, young and experienced  – who have shaped and are carving the studio into what it is respected as today, Moren made the surprise announcement that the London-based company will re-brand soon to become Studio Moren.

“The big secret has been revealed,” he said simply to the audience. “In the next few months, Dexter Moren Associates will become Studio Moren.”

Hotel Designs: The lobby inside Westin London City

Image caption: The Westin London City, which is where the Dexter Moren Associates’ 30th anniversary party was held. | Image credit: Marriott International

Although it’s not the first time the studio has changed its identity – the most recent evolution was when Dexter Moren ‘Architects’ became Dexter Moren ‘Associates’ in order to embrace architecture as well as design offerings – the new name is expected reflect a further evolution of the company as the wider industry acknowledges there being less emphasis on individual ownership of ideas and more of a focus on collaborative approaches to hotel design and hospitality solutions.

The evening very much marked the end of one chapter – with a party that sheltered photobooths, balloon installations and a live art installation that everyone could add to. Above all, though, the event was about looking ahead and emphasising those who are continuing the legacy. One thing is certain, Studio Moren – with its immeasurable talent sheltered under its roof – is design practice to watch, and we at Hotel Designs look forward to following the team, as they develop, in the next 30 years.

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Main image credit: Marriott International/Dexter Moren Associates