Westin La Paloma Resort – embracing the spirit of the Arizona desert

In response to changing market needs, the Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa initiated a renovation project in 2022, with the aim to enhance the guest experience while preserving the resort’s rich heritage…

hotel suite with seating area leading on to bedroom with floor to ceiling windows with a view over Arizona desert

The phased renovation project of Westin La Paloma Resort, led by the renowned Jill Cole and Senior Designer Antonia De Fonte of Cole Martinez Curtis and Associates of CMCA Design, marks the second property renovation with client Southwest Value Partners. The renovation was structured across three distinct phases, with the interior design drawing inspiration from the textures and colours of the stunning desert landscape and wildlife. Light and shadow play across textural surfaces, while hints of colour accent the soothing backgrounds. All is serene, offering spaces to work or relax, and take in the magnificent surroundings.

dining table in hotel suite in shades of stone and grey with desert views

Image credit: John Woodcock

The first phase of the renovation project, completed in the spring of 2023, was a testament to the resort’s commitment to providing a unique and memorable guest experience. The focus was enhancing guestrooms, suites, and a signature meeting venue. Guided by a clear design directive, the goal was to incorporate elements of the previous remodel to create a harmonious balance. Retaining the existing case goods and wall coverings posed an exciting opportunity for the design team as it aimed to evolve the colour palette while ensuring harmony with the existing gold-toned wall covering and warm wood finish.

detail of beds with wood and stone surface details in Westin La Paloma

Image credit: John Woodcock

The transition to cooler earth tones and accents of blues and greens rejuvenated the rooms, with the introduction of blue-toned metallic cork wall coverings adding a striking contrast to warm-toned woods. Moreover, all guestrooms now feature custom-designed Axminster carpets, adding a touch of luxury to the overall experience. By striking a balance between branding guidelines and creative freedom, the redesign successfully captures the essence of the Arizona desert, reflecting the surrounding scenery while evoking a contemporary, upscale image aligned with The Westin brand.

Refinements to the suites include new dining and entertaining settings and art collections. In a departure from typical framed or canvas pieces, the new art pieces showcase local culture and materials such as textiles, copper, and carved wood sculptures.

guestroom decorated in shades of sand, blue grey and gold

Image credit: John Woodcock

The resort’s two grandest suites, La Paloma and San Xavier, have been transformed into luxurious havens. The La Paloma Suite, the second-largest suite featuring a kitchen and sizable dining room, now presents a patio Jacuzzi complemented by a trellis enhanced with a decorative laser-cut screen, providing both privacy from the balcony above and playful shadows on the walls and ground during the day.

bathroom at Westin La Paloma in stone and marble with ceramics on the wall

Image credit: John Woodcock

Meanwhile, the San Xavier Suite, the largest of the two, has a private wellness studio equipped with a Peloton bike and a Tonal mirror. The bedroom showcases a sizable linear fireplace set against a dimensional tile wall, accompanied by a large screen TV and lounge seating area, as well as a smaller TV concealed in a lift-up TV cabinet at the foot of the bed. Furthermore, its expansive outdoor balcony now features a new bar and firepit table with teak lounge seating. These suites provide guests with a blend of grandeur and comfort, truly embodying the essence of luxury at Westin La Paloma Resort.

patio with view across Arizona desert and shadows and privacy from wooden trellis and screen

Image credit: John Woodcock

Revising the Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa’s premiere event banquet room continued this initial renovation phase. This involved removing columns down the hall’s centre to enhance flow and accommodate larger events. The room features refined finishes, including custom carpeting, wall coverings, and chandeliers with gem-shaped glass shades, perfect for various special occasions.

While specific details of this phase are yet to be finalised, modern amenities and facilities are anticipated to complement the resort’s refreshed accommodations seamlessly. This significant investment is dedicated to enhancing the guest experience and securing the resort’s long-term sustainability, positioning the Westin La Paloma Resort as a premier destination for discerning travellers.

Main image credit: John Woodcock