A renovated and refined Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island, Seychelles, has undergone a programme of refurbishment and development that enhances its offering and reflects its dedication to eco-conscious travel…

aerial view of Alphonse Island resort with beach, palm trees and swimming pool

Unique among its peers, Alphonse Island offers the ultimate expression of blending indulgence and conservation in an idyllic Indian Ocean paradise. The brand-new pool and bar refurbishments allied to the ongoing development of its farm, showcase twin aspects of Alphonse Island’s uniquely harmonious relationship between guests and nature. An oasis of luxury and a celebration of sustainability characterise its pioneering new style of experiential travel in this pristine island haven.

hammock between two palm trees next to pool and umbrellas at Alphonse Island Lodge

Image credit: Brian Chakanyuka

The pool refurbishment has transformed the hub of the island into an ideal venue for relaxing on comfortable sun loungers and dreamy cabanas. The pristine turquoise waters and lush tropical landscaping offer a tranquil escape, with sea breezes wafting through palm trees on the unimaginably white sand. Lounging by the pool amid stunning island views provides the ultimate relaxation, elevating the experience to new heights of luxury in the Seychelles.

rattan chairs around table under umbrella at pool bar on a wooden deck

Image credit: Brian Chakanyuka

Located directly on the beach the newly updated Le Lys bar is the heart and soul of the Alphonse Island Lodge. Le Lys is the perfect spot for socialising alongside the sparkling pool and shoreline, with a delicious cocktail or a glass of wine from the comprehensive wine list. With comfortable seating, beautiful island vistas and a cosy evening atmosphere, like-minded travellers can come together after an adventure-filled day to exchange stories and share experiences. Mixologists can curate carefully crafted drinks unique to Alphonse Island, using locally sourced ingredients in various exotic flavours. With its serene ambience and breath-taking views, Le Lys provides an idyllic retreat for guests to enjoy.

chef at Alphonse Island Lodge picking ingredients at the hotel farm

Image credit: Brian Chakanyuka

The ongoing extensive expansion of Alphonse Island’s farm builds on the commitment to sustainability with a dedicated farm-to-fork food philosophy. Locally grown produce and sublime seafood featuring fresh, line-caught fish feature in a menu that builds on the influences of Creole and French cuisine with an Indian Ocean heritage.

Seychelles villa accommodation with doors in front of bed opening to deck and palm trees

Image credit: Brian Chakanyuka

Escaping to the untouched paradise of Alphonse Island allows guests to experience both an enhanced level of luxury and a deep sense of ecological sustainability. Savouring the delights of the refurbished pool and bar area and sampling delectable cuisine are deepened by the island’s commitment to sustainable and immersive travel experiences.

bathroom with double vanity and doors leading to outdoor bathroom area

Image credit: Brian Chakanyuka

The Alphonse group of atolls in the very heart of the Indian Ocean is part of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles, regarded as one of the last Eden’s of the world, a nature-lovers utopia. White beaches lie at the edge of dense natural forest, threaded with the remains of old coconut groves. Ancient tortoises amble around, crabs scurry past, and tropical birds brighten up the blue sky. Untouched nature and one of the prime protected ocean fisheries on earth lie waiting to greet friends, lovers, and family alike in this island paradise.

Main image credit: Brian Chakanyuka