St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort – designed in nature

Designed by WOW Architects, The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort combines innovative contemporary design with a profound appreciation for the natural environment in which it resides…

organic shape of the Whale Bar takes inspiration from the sea and uses local materials

A striking silhouette set against the turquoise of the Indian Ocean, there’s no other property in the Maldives quite like The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort. Combining innovative contemporary design with a profound appreciation for the natural environment in which it resides, it’s like an elegant sculpture sitting atop one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The design by by WOW Architects | Warner Wong Design Singapore, draws inspiration from the treasures found on and around the island. The overwater villas mimic graceful manta rays; the distinctive pods of the Iridium Spa form a lobster; the library takes its sinuous lines from a delicate spiral seashell found on the beach; and of course, the unmistakable shape of a whale shark juts out into the ocean and forms the bar, where guests can sip cocktails as they watch the sun go down.

aerial view of lobster inspired shape of the spa at The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort surrounded by the ocean

Image credit: St Regis Hotels and Resorts

The resort is making a new and noteworthy addition to their cast of impressive restaurants with the opening of T•Pan, where guests will be able to experience a modern Japanese style Kaiseki cuisine, while enjoying the elegant architectural design and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. The design by the WOW studio, draws inspiration from the beach ecosystem, specifically the ghost crab. Like a burrowing crustacean, the exterior shell of the restaurant peeks out from the serene garden jungle at the ledge of the white sand beach. The minimalist charm and simple rough wood finish exemplifies its wabi sabi aesthetic. Additionally, the deep, dark shadows recall the tiny courtyards of Kyoto Machiyas, Japan’s traditional wooden townhouses that functioned as both a residence and place of business.

The sliding door entrance, interior walls and ceiling of dark rough cut cypress veneer, are made from YakiSugi, a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation. Each table in the restaurant is fitted with custom designed Manta Chairs as an ode to the magnificent Manta Ray, while the delicate lace of wire and lights floating on the ceiling are like bioluminescent dinoflagellates, plankton that form the basis of the marine food chain. In the entry hallway, guests can admire the coral-inspired ceramic artwork that celebrates the endangered reefs around the world and a second, knotted hemp seagrass piece that speaks of new life from old, and how these beds are breeding grounds for a multitude of ocean species.

view from behind the bed across the guestroom with pitched beam ceiling out to the ocean in the maldives

Image credit: St Regis Hotels and Resorts

It’s not just the coast, that inspires and informs this unique resort. The island’s lush jungle, with its bounteous flora and fauna, is rightly celebrated. Vommuli House, where you’ll find a beautiful yoga studio, fitness centre, children’s play area and children’s kitchen branching right out into the greenery, is based on a sprawling Banyan tree that was discovered on the island amid coconut trees and coastal plants.

aerial view of the structure of Vommuli House which is based on the shape of the Banyan tree

Image credit: St Regis Hotels and Resorts

Divided into four zones – Lagoon, Beach, Jungle and Coastal – the interior inside each building reflects its location. And whether it’s a piece of locally carved driftwood placed on the wall or a beautiful artwork made from glass bottles washed up on the shore, the St. Regis signature style of exquisite elegance and glamour can be found everywhere, with attention to detail, authenticity and unique design at every turn.

Main image credit: St Regis Hotels and Resorts