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    Hotel Designs has officially dropped its March editorial features, which are Technology and Guestroom Lighting… 

    Throughout March, Hotel Designs’ Spotlight On features will look at two highly topical features, namely Technology and Guestroom Lighting. These topics, which marry up nicely in many of the debates rippling through conversations in the industry, will be explored throughout the month in a series of editorials.


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    Image credit: Ecclestone Hotel London

    Now that the industry seems to be doing away with gimmicky tools that serve little purpose for anyone checking in, the way has been cleared for sophisticated tech products to launch with the aim to amplify the overall guest experience. “Arguably, this topic has never been more relevant than it is today, which is why are exploring it so early on in the calendar.” commented editor Hamish Kilburn.

    Guestroom Lighting

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    Image credit: Chelsom Lighting

    Back by popular demand, Hotel Designs will continue March by shining the spotlight on lighting in the guestroom. “Thanks to certain advancements in lighting technology, we predict that guestroom lighting in 2019 will see some serious innovation,” Kilburn commented. “At the heart of this evolution, LED is still king!”

    If you wish to find out more, or know of a product that we should be talking about, please contact Zoe Guerrier on 01992 374059 or

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    Hamish Kilburn / 19.02.2019


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