7 Most Unique Hotel Lobby Spaces

We explore seven of the most unique hotel lobby spaces around the world, highlighting the design trends that are shaping the future of this crucial first impression...

Hotel lobby spaces are more than just a transition zone. They set the tone for an entire experience, be it a luxurious hotel stay, a productive workday in an office building, or a visit to a cultural institution. In recent years, interior designers have pushed the boundaries of convention, transferring lobbies into captivating destinations. 

Five years on from our previous article discovering 7 unconventional hotel lobby designs, we set about seeing how lobby design has developed and whether guests still consider these unique spaces to be the beating hearts of each hotel.

The Ned, London 

the ned london hotel lobby

Image Credit: The Ned, London

The Ned in London evokes a sense of opulent grandeur with soaring ceilings, elaborate architectural details and rich materials. The former Midland Bank headquarters, designed by Sir Edwin ‘Ned’ Lutyens in 1924, underwent an extensive renovation project to bring this Grade I listed building back to its former glory. This trend of ‘new luxury’ combines classic elements with modern touches to create timeless spaces that exude sophistication. 

Faena Hotel, Miami 

Faena hotel lobby

Image Credit: Faena Hotel

Nicknamed The Cathedral, The Faena Hotel offers more than just a lobby, it is a theatrical experience. Designed by acclaimed hotelier Alan Faena in collaboration with director Baz Luhrmann and costume designer Catherine Martin, the space features gilded mammoth skeletons, vibrant murals, and luxurious furnishings. Upon entry to the hotel, guests are gifted with a space that pushes the boundaries of hospitality design. 

W Dubai Mina Seyahi, UAE

W Dubai Mina Seyahi hotel lobby

Image Credit: W Dubai Mina Seyahi

W Dubai Mina Seyahi carves a niche for itself with its glamarous and modern take on an adult-only resort experience. The hotel lobby is designed to impress, showcasing a kaleidoscope of jewel tones brought to life in luxurious textures, inspired by the romanticism of a snake charmer. A nod to the Middle East’s history, W Dubai Mina Seyahi is a combination of modern design and Middle East mystique designed by Stickman Tribe Design Studio.

1 Hotel Mayfair, London 

1 hotel mayfair living chandelier hotel lobby

Image Credit: 1 Hotel, Mayfair

1 Hotel Mayfair embraces sustainability with a focus on natural materials and biophilic design. The hotel lobby features a striking living chandelier, cushioned with the sound of running water and gorgeous smells. It’s like stepping into your very own safe sanctuary, and I have personally experienced the serenity wash over me as I stepped into this unique space. This vision of “sustainable luxury” prioritises environmental responsibility without sacrificing a sense of sophistication and comfort. 

1 Hotel Mayfair was our Highly Commended at The Brit List Awards 2023 for Public Area of the Year and Jessica Morrison of G.A Design won Interior Designer of the Year for her incredible work on the hotel.

W Osaka, Japan

w osaka hotel lobby japan

Image Credit: W Hotels & Resorts

Despite it’s minimalist exterior, W Hotel Osaka welcomes you with into its hotel lobby with striking colour schemes, playful furniture arrangements and integrated technology, offering a dynamic first impression. Colourful neon lights are used by design team Concrete as a nod to the characteristic neon-lit streets of Osaka, visually portraying Osaka’s invigorating spirit.

The Reverie Saigon, Vietnam

the reverie saigon ho chi minh city vietnam hotel lobby

Image Credit: The Reverie Saigon

The Reverie Saigon takes luxury to a new level with its opulent lobby situated on the seventh floor. Custom-made furniture, vibrant mosaics and a five-meter Baroque-meets-Rococo sofa create a show stopping experience. The hotel intentionally draws inspiration from an Italian palazzo, resulting in abundant marble columns, gold accents, jewel-tone décor, and light fixtures reminiscent of an art museum. The definition of maximalism – this lobby continues to be a favourite of mine due to its grandeur.

Conservatorium Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Conservatorium Amsterdam lobby space

Image Credit: Conservatorium Amsterdam

Known both locally and internationally as “Amsterdam’s Living Room,” this elegant space is situated within the central atrium of the hotel. Abundant natural light streams in through the glass ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a serene ambiance. The plush sofas and coffee tables offer a sophisticated retreat for guests seeking a moment of relaxation.

The hotel, characterised by sleek, design-led aesthetics, occupies a prime location in the city’s cultural epicentre—the Museum District. As one of the Netherlands’ premier hotels, it has long served as a hub for commerce, culture, and society. Today, renowned Italian architect Piero Lissoni continues this legacy with a contemporary design that seamlessly complements the storied past.

Hotel lobby spaces have transformed from mere passageways to captivating destinations in their own right. Designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of convention, embracing innovative trends that prioritise guest experience, sustainability and artistic expression. So, next time you step into a hotel lobby, take a moment to appreciate the design; it might just surprise you.

Main Image Credit: The Reverie Saigon