Piero Lissoni unveils FUOROSCALA for Atlas Concorde at Milan Design Week 2023

FUORISCALA is a design collaboration between Piero Lissoni and Atlas Concorde, which has doubled its presence during Milan Design Week 2023, debuting at Salone del Mobile…

A series of slabs against a wall and chair and light on the floor

Designer Piero Lissoni and Atlas Concorde are revealing the result of a meaningful collaboration this week during Milan Design Week, which comes in the form of two structures that are being displayed at Salone del Mobile and the brand’s flagship store in Brera.

FUORISCALA, Expanding Design Compositions, is a project that stretches four metres tall. But don’t be put-off by its size. The purpose of the installations is to ‘reflect on the ability of large slabs’. “We’ve taken the concept of Atlas Concorde’s large formats to the extreme through two installations where unexpected elements play on the change of scale,” said Piero Lissoni. “It has been a conceptual exercise where architectural forms are reversed to become products and vice versa, tables with a multifaceted shape that practically break the rules for making a real table.”

A coffee table and concrete surfaces

Image credit: Atlas Concorde

Within the two spaces, Fuoriscala offers visitors two different perspectives that can play off of each other to spotlight the characteristics of porcelain tiles, allowing the large formats to express their full potential.

The large slabs recall the primary and archetypal forms of architecture that, like stage sets, enclose and give life to multiple settings where the earthy nature of the porcelain tiles is always the main focus: kitchens, living and dining areas, bathrooms, and leisure spaces.

In the Fuorisalone circuit, at Atlas Concorde Studio Milano, the company’s showroom in Via San Marco, Fuoriscala flips the usual concept of a ‘table’ by giving life to two elements with large dimensions of an abstract nature characterised by prismatic shapes. Slabs, natural elements, transparency, geometries, and reflections are the tools that project the installation into a future dimension.

The overall aim of the project – and indeed modern design – is to inspire creatives to redesign spaces and furnishing elements, to create atmospheres of emotions that convey wellbeing to those within.

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Main image credit: Atlas Concorde