Product watch: introducing NEOREST WX from TOTO

Bathroom company TOTO has launched NEOREST WX, its new, award-winning high-end toilet with integrated WASHLET. TOTO is calling it ‘the Japanese art of perfection’ – here’s why…

TOTO_NEOREST in alpine setting bathroom

NEOREST WX users can experience next-level Japanese wellness every time they use the toilet – thanks to TOTO. Every principle in TOTO’s design philosophy is reflected in NEOREST WX’s harmonious, understated form and comfortable size. A new ceramic material is used for the first time, allowing for finer, more elegant lines. These detailed enhancements are what make these quiet moments in the bathroom a perfect break from everyday life.

Kaisen or perfection is part of how people live in Japan. It’s an expression of respect for others – reflected, for example, in a beautifully choreographed tea ceremony. It’s also present in industry, in which Kaisen is exemplified as a working philosophy and a methodological concept. At its core is a continuous striving for improvement, progression and perfection.

Japanese bathroom producer TOTO is committed to this tradition of striving for perfection. NEOREST WX represents a pinnacle in TOTO’s collection – with advanced technology and design, including the use of a new ceramic material. “This new material prevents the ceramic from warping as much during the firing process,” explains Kohei Tsuji, Director Product Management TOTO Europe. This gives the design even finer, more elegant lines.

TOTO NEOREST toilet - close up

Image credit: TOTO

NEOREST WX is the manifestation of TOTO’s design philosophy. It incorporates three essential aspects that the Japanese company describes as ‘gentle and safe in everyday life’, ‘long-lasting aesthetics’ and ‘in harmony with the space’. The goal is to create a perfect, yet unassuming product that becomes an indispensable part of everyday life – a “pleasant interaction between a person and object,” explains Kohei Tsuji. NEOREST WX has already been named a Red Dot Award Product Design 2023 Winner, and has also received the iF Design Award 2023.

TOTO products have an understated, timeless design with sophisticated technologies that are hidden from view. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the new NEOREST WX, which includes all cleansing and hygiene technologies from the latest generation of WASHLET models.

NEOREST WX – the culmination of all hygiene and comfort technologies.

NEOREST WX features the EWATER+ technology developed by TOTO, which makes a major difference when it comes to hygiene: The wand jet used for intimate cleansing automatically cleans itself inside and out with electrolysed water – before and after use, but also regularly when in standby mode. This reduces bacterial formation and ensures hygienic conditions at all times. The ceramic bowl is sprayed with EWATER+ after each use to guarantee the greatest possible hygiene.

Other features for total well-being in the bathroom

Touch-free products aren’t just more comfortable. They’re also more hygienic, and easier for people of all generations to use – from small children to people with limited mobility. The smart toilet has a lid that raises and closes automatically, as well as an automatic flush. NEOREST WX is “intelligent” enough to activate either the large or small flush based on the time spent sitting. It’s possible to create four user profiles to save individual preferences, such as the warm water spray types, seat temperature and much more. The remote control makes it easy to use the various features, available in four languages: English, German, French and Italian. A soft LED light below the ceramic makes NEOREST WX visible in the dark.

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Main image credit: TOTO