TOTO’s sustainability promise for a better tomorrow

As one of the world’s leading companies in the sanitary segment, the international TOTO Group feels responsible for manufacturing its products with zero emissions and as sustainably as possible. To achieve this TOTO formulated a guiding principle to describe its journey to becoming a company completely powered by energy from renewable sources: “Water, Earth & a Better Tomorrow”…

green marble bathroom with TOTO fittings at the Londoner hotel

Back in 2020, the Wall Street Journal already named TOTO one of the 100 most sustainably operating companies in the world among over 5,500 listed companies. But what does this mean? And how can they trust that they actually are? TOTO anticipates this question in its company profile on the website to provide a differentiated answer. The company aims to create the greatest possible transparency and credibility in complex processes and discloses its activities based on scientifically substantiated approaches.

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Image credit: TOTO Group

One main point involves assessing how environmentally sound TOTO products are, which is done using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) guidelines. These cover all phases of the product lifecycle, including all necessary upstream and downstream transportation and recycling processes. According to TOTO figures, the LCA evaluations have shown that CO2 emissions and water consumption are at their greatest while the products are being used – with over 90 per cent of CO2 emissions occurring during use.

The main focus of TOTO’s research and development efforts stems from these findings. As a result, the amount of water and energy consumed by WASHLET, toilets and fixtures during regular use is always being minimised. Cleaning and hygiene technologies like Ewater+,the efficient Tornado Flush and extremely durable Cefiontect ceramic glaze play a major role. The energy self- sufficient and water-saving automatic faucets with self-power technology are truly ground-breaking in this regard.

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Membership in the RE100 initiative is an important milestone. TOTO Group have committed to expanding the procurement of renewable energy at all global locations in line with regional circumstances and installed systems to generate solar power at its production sites. This move should ensure that 100 per cent of the electricity TOTO needs for its business activities comes from renewable sources. Regular reporting and accounting about the progress of these measures is required. RE100 publishes this annually. TOTO also plans to improve energy savings by upgrading and converting production facilities in various markets in an effort to reduce CO2-emissions.

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Main image credit: TOTO Group