Philippe Nigro designs Marechiaro for Ligne Roset

Launched in 2022 during the Ligne Roset exhibition held at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Marechiaro is a new shelving system designed by Philippe Nigro…

Marechiaro by Ligne Roset - two bookshelves

French product and furniture designer Philippe Nigro recently unveiled Marechirao, a new contemporary shelving unit for Ligne Roset that, by design, questions the traditional use of the bookshelf and its presence in space.

In addition to being a storage solution, the curvaceous unit also incorporates a screen, which is made up of a palisade – the architecture of this feature creates a subtle and soft boundary between areas.

Close-up of shelving unit for Ligne Roset

Image credit: Ligne Roset Contract

The system is a screen-cabinet that on one side is aimed at storing books and objects – injecting personality into interior design schemes – and on the other side is a screen made up of wooden slats assembled in openwork to maintain a certain transparency. The duel-use – the dual identity, if you like – allows free and flexible use.

The system creates a ‘space within space’: thanks to these three modules (straight, concave and convex), the compositions offer infinite freedom in the creation of alcoves and perforated walls while adapting to the requirements of the architecture of the place.

Ligne Roset Marechiaro selving unit

Image credit: Ligne Roset Contract

In two-tone, the wooden slats add movement and surprise. They also allow Marechiaro to be apprehended differently depending on the angle of observation. On one side is a screen made up of triangular wooden slats assembled in an openwork to maintain a certain transparency. Magic comes with the treatment of the three sides of the triangular strut: two sides stained black with the third painted a hedonistic gold. This creates a visual trick of the eye as you move around it.

Stained black shelves that reveal themselve as you move around the product

Image credit: Ligne Roset Contract

The shelving unit entirely made of machined solid wood comes in a choice of two finishes, NATURAL ASH – natural ash shelves / natural and black-stained slats and BLACK-STAINED ASH – black-stained ash shelves / ‘patine bronze’ (bronze patina) and black-stained slats.

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Main image credit: Ligne Roset Contract