Paradis Beachcomber unveils €12 million transformation

EXCLUSIVE: Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa in Mauritius has emerged from a €12 million renovation with a new bar, restaurant, refreshed suites and a upgraded golf course. Editor Hamish Kilburn speaks exclusively to Carina Share, Director at Design Partnership, to learn more…

Arial view of Paradis Beachcomber in Mauritius. The image shows both above-shots of villas and the clear blue sea

Luxury travellers will struggle to find a hotel that boasts as striking vistas as Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa offers. Tucked between the vast lagoon off the west coast of Mauritius and the characteristic relief of Le Morne Brabant Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the hotel provides an elevated yet grounded hospitality experience.

Not a group to rest on its laurels of a spectacular location, Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels decided to raise the hotels standards once more with an extensive renovation. Tasked to carry out the design project, which centred around a new F&B concept, was Carina Share, Director at Design Partnership.

There are now two restaurants and one central bar. The concept for the new Blue Marlin restaurant, perhaps the boldest change of all given that it has been an iconic F&B offering since the hotel’s opening, takes inspiration from the history of the location and the story of Blue Marlin.

Render of a restaurant at hotel in Mauritius

Image caption: Render of Blue Marlin entrance. | Image credit: Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels

Typical to the hotel group’s approach, though, there will be various reminders of the former fine-dining restaurant. “The Blue Marlin fish that hung in the space has been deconstructed in an art installation,” Share told me. “The soft curved archways and neutral colour palette aims to create an inviting yet sophisticated space to complement the a la carte food offering.”

Replacing the existing location of where Blue Marlin performed is the ocean-facing Zest restaurant, which celebrates memories created around the sharing of food. “The space is all about togetherness, and so we aimed to created laidback environment,” added the designer. “Aesthetic inspiration was taken from the Mediterranean that also inspired the food offering.”

CGI Paradis Beachcomber Zest restaurant

Image caption: Introducing Zest, the new Mediterranean F&B concept at Paradis Beachcomber. | Image credit: Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels

Meanwhile, the Bar, at the heart of the hotel, acts as and becomes a “central converging and arrival point between the two restaurants”, as Share explained.

In addition to a new F&B concept that will feel more considered and better orientated, eight of the hotel’s suites and 120 guestrooms have embraced a new signature through a playful combination of volumes, with the same levels of comfort and flexibility to suit the expectations of all guests. The room renovations were approached with the vision to create an opportunity for the hotel to define its own idea of tropical elegance: a lifestyle that is geared towards the outside, while surrendering to the generous comfort of soft interiors.

Finally, the hotel’s golf course has been upgraded in an innovative and sustainable way: 800 sprinklers are now scattered around the course to enable individual watering control while using water that has been treated and recycled to reduce wastage on the peninsula.

An establishing shot of Paradis Beachcomber, a hotel in Mauritius that rests at the foot of the mountain Le Mourne

Image caption: The iconic postcard-perfect photograph of Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa. | Image credit: Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels

What remains true, before and following the latest renovation, is the local feel in each Beachcomber property. The fact that the luxury operator – the first on the island in 1952 – strategically decided to keep its portfolio of now eight hotels in the parameter of Mauritius, allows properties, all dotted around the island and sheltering their own personalities, to be somewhat more rooted to their foundations, local culture and social harmony.

Main image credit: Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels