Industry insight: how wellness is changing in hotel design

Thought leaders from across the architecture, design, education, engineering and plumbing industries have come together to discuss the future of washroom design in hotel design. The whitepaper was commissioned by Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks…

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In a recently published whitepaper study from bathroom brands Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks, nine industry-leading voices cover a range of key themes and topics that are impacting the washroom sector. The report, Washroom Design for Tomorrow, includes a focus on sustainability and the circular economy; looking at more efficient ways to use and re-use water within these spaces, while also reducing their carbon footprint in line with the decarbonisation goals that are so crucial for modern developers.

The research also lifts the lid on the growing conversation around making washrooms accessible for all – and what this means, not just in the context of making beautifully designed spaces for differently abled users, but also around the greater introduction of gender-neutral toilet facilities and self-contained cubicles aka ‘super loos’.

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When it comes to design trends, the report explores the increasing emphasis on encouraging people back to the office by bringing the comforts of home into all areas of a workplace – including the washroom – and the impact on manufacturers, designers and specifiers, while also highlighting key hygiene technology that can be introduced to create more efficient, durable and comfortable spaces.

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Speaking on the whitepaper, Anil Madan, Non-Residential Marketing Manager at Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks, said: “The washroom sector is in a period of transition, with greater scrutiny on making these spaces as well-designed as possible. Sustainability is, of course, central to the development of both new washrooms and the products within them. But beyond this, there are also new rules and regulations to consider around accessibility, infection risk management and grey water, and how these factors can be properly incorporated into washroom solutions.

“By working with thought leaders from across a variety of industries, we were able to create a whitepaper that looks to the future of commercial washrooms, and identified the need for a more holistic approach to the design, specification and maintenance of these spaces. We’re thrilled to finally be able to unveil the finished report and thank all those who lent their voices to such a unique resource.”

Washroom Design for Tomorrow features contributions from Meehan Green, TOT Architects, Inspired Washrooms, CubicWorks, Liverpool John Moores University, ISG, AS Mechanical and Electrical, Crusoe Architects Ltd, and Good and Tillotson.

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