Skopos reinvents its Vienna and Spa collections

To mark its 50 anniversary, Skopos has breathed new life into two of its most popular fabric collections…

Spa Days by Skopos

The Vienna collection from Skopos, which launched in 2008, was born from a desire to create pattern which was graphic, bold and fun. Aimed originally at the education sector, the designs were simple, yet playful. Sacher an organic horizontal hoop design, shouted retro vibes, and was ripe for reinvention.

Revisiting this design, the team at Skopos played with texture, colour and direction to develop a vertical loop with a linen graze, placed onto muted gold and green. The result is ‘Vienna Loop’, which is being added to the brand’s 50th anniversary collection and being sampled on its exquisite velvet blackout base-cloth, Sonno.

Vienna Loop collection of fabrics from Skopos

Image credit: Skopos

Joining Vienna Loop, to celebrate this anniversary, the next design has been named ‘Spa Days’. Originally a woven design, known as Spa, from Skopos’ Nereus collection, Spa was a two-tone design, with a frolicking, playful line. Evolving this look, the creative team married two contrasting-coloured lines on a simple background to create a printed design that works across all contract environments, offered as samples on its P11 base-cloth.

Vienna Loop and Spa Days have been added to our 50th anniversary celebration collection, with samples of the four skus available to order via our website. These revisited designs have been re-coloured and reworked to fall in-line with today’s trends and the scales have been manipulated to work effectively across different soft furnishings.

As with all Skopos prints, designers will be able to order the ‘anniversary’ designs in bespoke colourways, in-line with minimum order requirements, across a number of base-cloths, including upholstery velvets and various drape qualities for use across a variety of environments.

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Main image credit: Skopos