Have you heard? DESIGN POD episode 21 is live!

Holly Hallam, the Managing Director for Design LSM, was Editor Hamish Kilburn’s special guest this week on DESIGN POD, the podcast for all design and architecture enthusiasts that is sponsored by Minotti London. The topic? Exploring a new era of lifestyle in design and hospitality. Listen to the full episode below…

Holly Hallam DESIGN POD

Up next in series three of DESIGN POD is all about lifestyle in design and hospitality. Many elements in hotel design and indeed hospitality are subjective: colour schemes, what is and what isn’t sustainable and what makes a hotel experience exceptional. What is absolute is the fact that modern traveller demands are bridging the gap between luxury and lifestyle. As well as being aesthetic on the eye, hospitality establishments in 2022 (and beyond), have to shelter more; a personality. Therefore, the need for a 360-degree design approach – understanding the branding, the strategy and the design scheme in one – has never been more important than it is today.

Based in Brighton, Design LSM has been responsible for creating stunning design for 36 years. In the last seven years, though, since Holly Hallam took the reigns as Managing Director equipped with a concrete background in marketing and brand strategy, the studio was really able to flex its muscles and help to truly transform businesses into leading brands to excite their audience. Offering strategy, branding, interior design and architecture, the studio has worked with brands such as The Alchemist, Gaucho, Curio by Hilton and Kiss The Hippo.

In episode 21 of DESIGN POD, sponsored by Minotti London, Hallam joined Editor Hamish Kilburn on the sofa to discuss a new era of lifestyle. Throughout the interview, which naturally led from a previous episode where Kilburn and designer Jo Littlefair explored ‘a new era of luxury‘, Hallam highlighted key projects that she believed helped to pivot lifestyle in design and hospitality into a new lane.

Episode 22 of DESIGN POD, with special guest interior designer Sue Timney, will be released on September 12.

Main image credit: Hotel Designs/DESIGN POD