Festival of Hospitality announces 2022 headline theme

Togetherness, celebrating inclusivity and diversity for a positive future are the major themes that will run throughout this year’s Festival of Hospitality. Here’s what we know…

Festival of hospitality collage

The gamechanging thought leadership event that launched last year, The Festival of Hospitality, introduces ‘togetherness’ as the headline theme for 2022, in celebration of the individuals that represent the wide-ranging and diverse skills across the industry. Returning this October, the festival aims to help shape a better connected, positive future for hospitality with events that dare to be different from the norm and bridging the gap between a traditional design fair and investment conference.

Event formats – anything but ordinary

The line-up promises to be unconventional; taking place both on and offline, inviting all levels to participate with a focus on intimate events that encourage conversations.

The festival offers exclusive access to some of London’s hottest new hotel openings with behind-the-scenes tours, fireside chats with panels of high-profile industry leaders, digital content focussing on current and future trends as well as providing skills-based workshops helping individuals develop their networking and communications skills; useful for the

many fun social events taking place. In addition, a new series of conceptual events launches during the festival with engaging and creative content designed to be insightful, fun, and inspiring.

Conceptual events include:

  • Devil’s Advocate: lively debates that challenge status quo and current thinking.
  • Under the Covers: real life case studies behind-the-scenes of hotels and their teams. Community Table – invitation-only round table discussion events hosted by guest chefs. MyStorySlam – industry professionals share their experiences and career journeys. Urban Safaris – a guide to the best places to visit in London for inspiration.

“Our mission is to create a better-connected industry and to shake up old-fashioned ideas on how people should network. Just recently, we’ve seen how great it is when we all come together through the most challenging of times and now, we have the chance to recalibrate, address old ideals and make positive changes,” commented Karen Willey and Katie Tobin, Founders of Festival of Hospitality. “Throughout our events, we are hoping to inspire the next generation by sharing learnings from hospitality leaders demonstrating just how rich and varied a career it can offer, and we also want to give them a voice – by offering them a seat at the table to help shape their future.”

Paying it forward

The future-focussed festival provides the opportunity for participating partners and businesses to pay it forward. A percentage of all sponsorship contributions and ticket proceeds will contribute towards extra events that are aimed at those looking to break into the industry, additional proceeds will also fund two people on the annual membership programme, which provides mentorship and development.

Steering group

The festival’s steering group is made up of an impressive line-up of individuals representing a wide-range of industry professions, including: Eric Jafari, Creative Director, Edyn; Maurice Petignat, Vice President, Cedar Capital; Adam Mursal, Founding Director, Pillar; Phillipa Wagner, Founding Director, PW/c; Ella de Beer, Director, Electric Mayonnaise; Phoenix Chow, Associate Director, Hotel Capital Markets Savills; Marie Carcassonne, CEO, Dynamo and Dean Culpan, GM, Birch.

“The Festival of Hospitality brings together some of the industry’s brightest and most creative minds to discuss some of the hot topics that are top of the agenda for investors, designers and operators during panel discussions and networking events. An event not to be missed!” added Maurice Petignat.

Main image credit: Festival of Hospitality