The authentic feel of rain in the bathroom

The innovative rain shower from Dornbracht gives designers and users a refreshing range of options for the bathroom, along with the secret of the Dornbracht raindrops: they fall without pressure, the huge droplets landing gently on the body are as light as a feather and practically weightless…

white and stone bathroom with Dornbracht Rain shower

The focus of the rain shower from Dornbracht is directly on the water experience, the sensation of natural rainfall that is created by drops of water falling onto the skin. The time when you simply took a shower is gone – we all expect a lot more from our bathrooms, and water experiences play an essential role in this. Dornbracht has spent time studying forms of water presentation and how they influence well-being, and has been instrumental in developing the technology around the natural rainfall experience.

black and wood finish bathroom with rain shower by dornbracht

Image credit: Dornbracht

Years of knowledge are incorporated into the new rain showers in the latest development, with the two flow modes firmly focusing the product benefits on relaxation and cleansing. The compact and powerful jet from the shower head makes cleansing and hair rinsing easier, while the rain shower’s real Dornbracht raindrops provide relaxation.

The new rain showers are also available with lighting: they have two integrated light sources, which can be selected independently using conventional, Zigbee-compatible controllers. They can be voice-controlled via Alexa or Philips Hue, for example. Ambience lighting and spotlights enhance the impression of space and the water experience.

Dornbracht rain shower with integrated lighting

Image credit: Dornbracht

Uniquely, the installed, new rain shower heads lie perfectly flush with the ceiling, and with no obvious screw fastenings, the design is seamlessly integrated into the architecture. Installation follows the ‘plug & play’ principle and is made simple by the separation of concealed rough parts and exposed trim parts into sets.

“This addition to the range is true to our ‘Leading Designs for Architecture’ claim, not just in the perfect product design and variety of solutions, but also for the exceptional water experience and as a result, enhanced product benefits,” said Stefan Gesing, CEO of Dornbracht AG & Co. KG.

Eight versions of the new rain showers are available, with choices including round or square, surface-mounted or integrated into the ceiling, and with or without lighting. The shower is available in eleven finishes to match the Dornbracht design series: Polished chrome, Chrome matt, Platinum, Platinum matt, Dark Platinum matt, Brushed Durabrass, Black matt and White matt. There are also the new finishes: Champagne and Brushed Champagne, and Dark Chrome.

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Main image credit: Dornbracht