Statement sustainability with Rusticork from Granorte

With its true bark texture, Rusticork from Granorte brings an original, bold and raw aesthetic to walls…

close up of cork panels with rough bark texture from Granorte

The Rusticork collection of panels by Granorte create natural, bold and beautiful walls that come directly from the renewable bark of cork trees. Available in a range of striking decorative effects, all remaining true to the natural textures of cork bark, it creates a unique wall finish.

Granorte has used pigment dyes to bring even more creativity to the collection, enhancing striking textures in colours such as bluemoon, black, ash grey, terracotta and warm white, as well as natural bark. The panel is made from pieces of raw cork bark – faced to an agglomerated cork backing for Sandstone and Bark textures – for a product that’s natural and renewable, as well as close to original.

“Our range of cork products use processed waste product, but with Rusticork, we’ve gone one step closer to harnessing the original material in its purest form,” said Paulo Rocha, Granorte. “Taken directly from the harvest of cork bark, we select individual pieces and apply only what we need to create a functional and decorative wall panel. Adding granulated cork and binding together, it’s a process that really is as minimal as it can be and one with a distinct and beautiful result.”

The product is completely free from formaldehyde, PVC and softeners, making it non-hazardous, as well as being natural, biodegradable and recyclable. It also has functional benefits in use too. Absorbing airborne sound and increasing thermal comfort, Rusticork helps to make interiors more comfortable and it is finished with waterbased CORKGUARD for protection from marks.

Connecting walls to nature, the cork bark finish is part of Granorte’s Delivering Nature Walls collection, which includes a range of decorative cork finishes suitable for use in commercial interiors.

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Main image credit: Granorte