walks us through choosing the perfect bed

Working with talented interior design partners on varied and often challenging, hospitality projects, has given the team at insight into the importance of choosing the perfect bed, by far the most crucial element of guestroom design. Here are a few of the key considerations…

prussian blue upholstered headboard with blue and white patterned cushions and bright yellow accessories

Whether looking at aesthetic and design, or if more practical elements such as choosing the right type of frame and mattress are the priority, understands that all these elements need to work together to provide the perfect and stylish, nights sleep.

For hotel specifications, longevity is a necessity. In terms of the upholstery, high-quality, hardwearing fabrics that will withstand visiting guests and frequent changeovers are essential. Consider that the bed typically is subject to the highest levels of wear and tear, so smart fabrics with anti-stain and anti-scuff elements work best. However, wanting to incorporate elegant fabric like velvet does not mean a compromise on durability, as smart velvets are available in a wide range of beautiful, pigmented hues, look sleek yet offer a robustness that suits hotel design. For a more timeless and classic look, relaxed linens are practical and provide a touch of understated luxury.

wooden floor and dark grey bedroom wall with a dove grey upholstered headboard in smart velvet fabric

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Headboards are the perfect way to make a design statement – tall and tufted designs like the Bella and Avery are real showstoppers and are perfect for boutique hotels, or for recreating this look and feel in residential projects. They look particularly striking in rich velvets. Simpler shapes offer a blank canvas for patterns or stripes, but can also create a softer, more relaxed look when upholstered in plain linens or cottons.

In addition to its expansive collection of over 100 fabrics, offers a COM service which allows designers to choose any fabric and create a completely bespoke look.

natural linen coloured bed headboard against dark grey wall with contrasting cushions and accessories

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As well as having a bed that looks great, make sure you have one that is well constructed and stands the test of time. These need to be sturdy, to carry the weight of the mattress and whoever may be sleeping in that space on any given night. Whilst frame and upholstery selected are important aesthetic choices within luxury hotel design, it’s the mattress that does a lot of the heavy lifting. Picking a high-quality, pocket sprung mattress will give guests the comfort they crave these designs are created to perfectly support you while you slumber.

rustic wooden headboard contrasts with soft fabrics and cushions on the bed

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Bearing in mind how important it is for everyone to feel well-rested and refreshed at the end of a hotel stay, mattress comfort is usually the deciding factor on whether guests will return or recommend a stay to friends. After all, most of us spend around 30 per cent of our time in bed and nothing makes life better than a great night’s sleep. is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our Recommended Suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

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