explores trends in the hotel guestroom

With the guestroom taking centre stage in hotel design, considers design elements that can elevate the experience…

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Considering the design of the guestroom and ensuring that everything works effortlessly to create a space that promotes rest and enjoyment is key to any hotel or hospitality project. Working closely with a global clientele, has seen a noticeable shift in how designers are approaching each project, with a strong focus on creating a space of sanctuary.

Each stage of the design process is an opportunity to create an environment that evokes a sense of calm via colours, materials, furniture and accessory choice, all resulting in the perfect room layout. As the centrepiece to all bedroom and guestroom specifications, bed choice is key and comfort is king. Designers need to consider both bed frame and mattress choice, as a deep slumber will be pivotal to guests not only feeling refreshed, but recommending their experience to friends and colleagues.

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While interior designers are certainly becoming more experimental with colour, a calming selection of beige, earth tones and off-whites remain top choices across the upholstered bed range, as longevity of design is as important as making a bold statement. Texture can be used as an alternative way to add interest without opting for colour, with tactile fabrics such as sumptuously soft velvets or comforting boucle offering the perfect starting point to create a neutral décor scheme that does not lack in design detail or impact.

Collaborating and working with clients and designers over the years, has taken onboard feedback on the importance of all the small details. Its flexibility to fulfil bespoke requests means each element is considered, from bed height to access to switches, sockets and lighting.

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Additional furniture in the guestroom should complement the overarching goal to create a calm environment. Whilst acting as a decorative item and adding visual interest to a room, a well-chosen occasional chair at the right time of day potentially needs to be both a relaxing additional space to unwind and somewhere to sit and work. Luxury hotel rooms will often incorporate seating at the foot of the bed, whether in the form of a chaise longue or decorative bench, again combining practicality that is tailored to the desired aesthetic. Bedside tables too, should balance form and function, acting as a space to store personal items during a guest’s stay, while supporting stylistic factors within the room.

As trends in residential design start filtering through to hotel design, incorporating elements of biophilia through the use of natural materials and colours inspired by the outside environment has a multitude of benefits in guestroom specifications. First popularised in the 50s to boost productivity in office design, this is a concept that has crept into hotel planning to promote a peaceful atmosphere. Whether a holiday getaway, busy city break, or a business trip, the benefits of a relaxing environment can encourage separation from day-to-day life. Elevating the experience of the additional amenities, the guestroom, with the bed as the hero, is without doubt the ultimate destination within the hotel. is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our Recommended Suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

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