Smart furniture: sweet dreams are made of this

    A sofa bed in traditional heritage setting
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    Smart furniture: sweet dreams are made of this

    Sofa and furniture beds have come a long way and are no longer the uninspired looking sofa you buy because it turns into an unforgiving but occasionally much needed extra bed, as furniture brand DOMINGO explains…

    A sofa bed in traditional heritage setting

    Whilst options and variety have generally increased, so many of the sofa beds on the market maintain that standard ‘box look’ that fails to lift the room.

    We tend to think of a good sofa bed as a versatile, hardworking piece of furniture but because it allows us to entertain, relax and sleep the occasional guest – we will need to compromise on either its look or performance.

    DOMINIGO knows it does not have to be like this. Even if a sofa bed will be mainly used as a sofa and only occasionally turned into a bed, it makes sense you should look for the same features you would want from your chosen sofa, with the addition of a comfortable mattress and efficient opening mechanism.

    The new generation of DOMINGO sofa beds are cleverly designed and impeccably manufactured to be able to deliver on all these promises… and they look really good. Domingo has been making sofas and armchairs since 1973, and the company’s stylish products are handcrafted according to the best Italian tradition in their workshops in Italy. The company only uses solid hard wood for their frames whilst the foams and the mechanisms chosen for their sofa beds are designed for intense usage.

    Whether you are a homeowner in the market for a sofa bed for your house or a designer working on a commercial project, DOMINGO will be able to present you with options to choose from. Do spend some time working out what are the features you need in a sofa bed and let this guide your decision.

    The L-Shape sofa bed

    A good L-shape corner sofa remains the favourite choice for most modern households. This is because it is big enough to accommodate at least three people watching TV and can fit a bed big enough to sleep the occasional guest (or guests). DOMINGO has a few L-shape sofa beds styles that can be integrated with an island with hidden storage space.

    DOMINGO has a whole catalogue dedicated to the Lshape sofa bed. The idea is to start from one central standard sofa bed block and then add as many elements as your family needs to create your own unique sofa bed. Starting from a central 2 seaters sofa with bed you can then add a corner unit, the armrest of your choice, a long chaise on the side or …some hidden storage. You will then be able to create a sofa bed that is functional for you, that suits your lifestyle and fits perfectly in the space you have chosen.

    Finish the job by selecting your preferred fabric (or mixing up a few fabric qualities together on the same couch) to create your own sofa bed.

    A large L-shaped sofa in a deserted warehouse

    Image credit: DOMINGO

    The stunningly beautiful sofa bed that does not look like a sofa bed

    The new luxury line of sofa beds by DOMINGO includes a range of sofa beds that do not look like a sofa bed. DIVINITAS in a range that offers sartorial refinement as well as utmost comfort.

    A brown sofa and blue armchair in traditional house setting

    The beds are using a ”pull out’ system, meaning, the mattress and the frame of the bed fold out of the interior of the sofa. The back of the sofa becomes a cosy shell to lean against when reading or watching TV. The structures are generously padded and upholstered in luxurious fabrics. Fabrics and trimmings, finishing and detailing can be customised to suit personal taste. Choose the deep buttoned handmade styles for a rustic classic feel, or the smooth luxurious velvet for a retro modern look. These sofa beds are the preferred choice of hedonists and creatives in love with this retro nostalgic look.

    The space savers: 

    If struggling for space but still in need of an extra bed, an armchair or a pouf (rather than a sofa bed) is the answer.

    An armchair does not take space, can be squeezed into any room. The one in the picture below (Marie armchair in skinny armrest, by Domingo), presented with contrasting piping would be a welcomed addition to any home office. Pull the back of this armchair towards you and it will turn itself into a bed thanks to its revolving mechanism. No need to store the seat cushion. One quick pull and the bed is ready.

    Sofa beds for commercial projects:

    With more than 20 years’ experience helping designers and architects delivering its projects in more than 35 Countries around the globe, staff at DOMINGO knows that every space presents its own individual features and that each Country has specific rules with regards to certification and products health and safety.

    DOMINGO offers a tailor-made ‘ad hoc’ design service to both design and production  as well as the certification required to deliver your projects.

    DOMINGO sofa beds:

    • Can be upholstered in BS or Crib 5 fabrics
    • Only solid hard wood is used for frames
    • Foams chosen for contract are designed and certified for heavy usage
    • FR (CHMR) foams are available on request
    • Anti-bacteria anti-microbes materials are available on request
    • Products are 100 per cent recyclable at the end of their service life

    One size does not fit all, just get in touch with DOMINGO to know what options are available to you. Sweet dreams!

    DOMINGO is one of our Industry Support Package clients and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    Main image credit: DOMINGO

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