Product watch: Wild Silk from Arte

The Wild Silk collection from Arte is made of real silk, highlighting the versatility of this pure fabric with three distinct types of silk…

wooden table and chair with white vase against natural silk wall covering from Arte

Each silk in this collection from Arte has its own story to tell, with a subtle sheen, robust weave or delicate finesse. Transforming walls into wonderfully expressive canvases with the luxurious sheen that only real silk can offer. The natural look and feel of this unique and organic fabric will add a sense of timeless charm to any interior, striking just the right balance between understated elegance and the raw beauty of nature.

wooden dining table below bubble chandelier in room with Arte silk wall covering

Image credit: Arte

Katia Silk consists of a unique blend of 80 per cent hand-spun Katia silk and 20 per cent cotton. The spun Katia silk is harvested from the cocoons of a wild silk butterfly, after which the short, soft filaments are spun by hand into thick, irregular yarns. A harmonious blend with cotton yarns creates a captivating, contrasting matt-gloss effect. The irregularities in the threads lend this wallcovering a surprising texture and distinctive appearance. Katia Silk is available in 10 colourways.

pink silk wall covering from Arte

Image credit: Arte

Pure Silk is 100 per cent real silk and uses warp and weft threads of different thicknesses. The resulting fabric has a distinctive texture because of the uneven puckers of the weft thread. Loved for their lightweight and lustrous appearance, Katia silk yarns are hand-spun, infusing each fibre with unique artistry and craftsmanship. Pure Silk is available in 18 colourways.

blue silk wallcovering behind white couch

Image credit: Arte

Ghicha Silk is a design made from hand-woven silk, which is mainly sourced from silkworms that live in the wild in India. The irregular variations and ‘flaws’ of labour-intensive, hand-spun silk are part of the unique charm of this stunning natural product. Ghicha Silk is available in 18 colourways.

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Main image credit: Arte