Kit Miles collaborates with Moooi Carpets on Biophillia collection

British textile designer Kit Miles joined forces with Moooi Carpets to create a new Biophillia collection that draws on nature for some bold inspiration…

Andrew Meredith Moooi Carpets

Kit Miles’ fascination with the rich synergy between plants and animals comes to life in a new collection inspired by biophillia’s mesmerising patterns. The new addition to the Moooi Carpet’s Signature collection, the selection of prints, named Biophillia, aim to provide a ‘window into the world of plants and nature’ with hand-drawn dragonflies, flora and surreal plants that dance around each other bound as well as references to eternal natural cycles.

Biophillia exults in the surreal qualities of the natural world. Drawing on the tradition of botanical illustration, highly rendered flora and fauna celebrate the complexity and curiousness of nature. The striking use of colour gives this design a distinct and modern visual identity and is an expression of the studio’s passion for evoking the strangeness that is ever-present in the world around us. The collection combines the sumptuousness and tradition of the Baroque with modern design. This Design is available in different colourways that will definitely find a match in any interior and is available as an area rug or a broadloom wall to wall pattern.

Moooi biophillia carpet design in dark blue

Image credit: Moooi Carpets / Andrew Meredith

Kit Miles founded the design studio in 2013 with one vision: to create a textile collection steeped in the values of quality, exquisite draughtsmanship and a futuristic, often surprising use of scale colour and imagery. The studio is regularly invited by leading architects and interior designers to bring Miles’s unique skill across projects both large and small. The studio’s breadth and skill in executing fine product is continually developing, highlighting a restless drive towards the exploration of what print design is now and what it could be next. This collaboration with Moooi Carpets covers new ground and is an exciting addition to the extensive Moooi collection.

Moooi Carpets is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our Recommended Suppliers, please email Katy Phillips. Kit Miles has joined MEET UP London as an Event Partner, and will display its latest collection at the Minotti London showroom on March 24.

Main image credit: Moooi Carpets / Andrew Meredith