Product watch: RAK-Valet, emotion and functionality styled by Patrick Norguet

A cluster of visions, drawings, exclusive shapes and a fast-paced rhythm leading to unexpected solutions: this is what the French designer Patrick Norguet brings to each of his new creations. In this collaboration with RAK Ceramics, the results are the contemporary design statement that is RAK-Valet…

RAK- Valet designed by Patrick Norguet with RAK Ceramics

The RAK-Valet collection combines the creative genius of designer Norguet together with RAK Ceramic’s characteristic production quality and project completeness. This is a project which explores a new concept of living and a new way to use domestic space, which becomes free of constraints, permeable, osmotic, and innovative. As a collection, RAK-Valet sits comfortably in both a contemporary or a traditional envrionment.

In his design, Norguet explores the dialogue between light and shadow, between volumes and lines, between elements, forms and materials. A delicate balance that is never disrupted, as each element becomes functional to the user in this ongoing, harmonious exchange. Everything is in the service of the person who experiences the space, everything centres around the dialogue, bearing witness to something magical and unique.

a contemporary bathroom with views out to sea fitted with RAK-Valet by RAK Ceramics

Image credit: RAK Ceramics

The RAK-Valet collection is composed of functional elements – available in matt and glossy finishes – that serve as veritable valets and hand us the objects of our daily wellbeing via functional surfaces and stylistic solutions of great visual impact: decorative forms with slender profiles for the washbasins, top-notch stylistic research for the bathtubs, and elongated lines for the toilet bowls.

It is a project that comes to meet a need in interior design, leaving out any unnecessary shape or detail while the expression of the real is reduced to its pure, bare form. The collection coordinates well with some of the most successful RAK Ceramics collections, such as their brand-new bathroom fittings and RAK-Joy Uno mirrors. It is rounded off by a rich choice of accessories, such as legs and towel holders made of metal, or the practical but extremely elegant ceramic surfaces also designed by Patrick Norguet.

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Main image credit: RAK Ceramics