Product watch: portable illumination by Northern Lights

The Helios range of portable, rechargeable table lamps – shortlisted for The Brit List Awards 2022 in the Best in British Product Design category – presents a flexible lighting design solution within Northern Lights’ Signature Collection…

Lutton rechargeable lamp by Northern Lights in Chucs St John's Wood

The inspired lighting range, Helios by Northern Lights, challenges conventional ways in which spaces are typically illuminated, offering a unique solution that meets the growing demands in hospitality for flexible and adaptable guest experiences. The portable functionality facilitates a move beyond the traditional constraints of socket and electrical point locations, giving ultimate freedom in lamp positioning for maximum impact. It creates room for greater experimentation and allows interior designers and hoteliers to light unconventional and even awkward spaces with ease, to build ambience in the most creative of ways. The result is a lighting solution that can fluidly develop over time as the needs of both guests and spaces shift and change.

The wire-free cordless design creates a sleek, uncompromised aesthetic. Each of the six designs feature either a brass base that can be finished in any of Northern Lights’ bespoke brass patinas, or opulent ivory alabaster. Shades range from solid old English brass domes and veined natural alabaster materials, to linen and pleated cotton drums in a variety of simple, elegant colours to complement any interior. An additional benefit to hotel staff is that shades can be removed quickly and effortlessly to access the rechargeable component within. The rechargeable mechanism remains hidden to maintain aesthetic integrity for a flawless, seamless finish.

Ebury table lamp in Helios range by Northern Lights

Image credit: Northern Lights

With its deco-style influence, the Ebury combines turned and spun brass with richly veined ivory alabaster. With its brass dome shade, the Ebury design also benefits from IP44 rating making it suitable for outdoor use. This multi-function creates a fluid indoor-outdoor design connection between spaces; something that’s becoming increasingly important to design briefs and demonstrated by the rising demand for biophilic guest experiences.

In another application, the beautiful and elegantly understated Lutton lamp is made from Italian cut brass pieces. The metal base can be finished in a number of unique brass patinas, including Light Antique and Old English Brass through to Rich Bronze. A 7-inch empire shade sits atop, available in Ivory Cotton Pleat, Oyster Linen or Glaze Sandstone.

Cleremont mood light in Helios range by Northern Lights

Image credit: Northern Lights

The hybrid flexible lighting solutions combine next-generation rechargeable LED technology with luxury materials and British artisan craftsmanship. Lighting can be adjusted via remote control operation, with two brightness modes plus flicker mode for interchangeable ambience.

LEDs require less watts to generate a high lumen output, turning up to 70% of electricity used into light rather than heat. This prevents fading and heat damage to both the shade and the surrounding décor, whilst giving better output efficiency and are considered a more sustainable choice. The removable LED component charges in 8-10 hours via modular charging trays that can be connected for volume charging. Each charge produces up to 12 hrs of illumination on full brightness and 26 hours on half brightness mode.

The rechargeable LED technology within the Helios range can also be applied to a variety of bespoke lighting designs, giving interior designers and architects limitless design capabilities within any hospitality project. Through 35 years of lighting design and manufacturing expertise, Northern Lights focus on solutions that drive industry-shaping innovations, without compromising on luxury design principles. By uniquely blending rechargeable LED technology and smart multi-function control with custom metal finishes and artisanal craftsmanship, they’ve developed a game-changing range in the luminaire industry.

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Main image credit: Northern Lights