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  • Product watch: More colourful cork from Granorte

    Granorte Recolour - a room full of colour
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    Product watch: More colourful cork from Granorte

    Recolour is a cork floor from Granorte that embraces the natural material’s aesthetic and adds colour to bring a fresh look. “The result is an authentic blend of materials and colours that will help to give contemporary spaces texture in their design schemes,” explains editor Hamish Kilburn…

    Granorte Recolour - a room full of colour

    Having followed the innovative products that have been developed under the Granorte brand for a while now, with each product launch – whether its the natural-looking Decodalle or the Japanese-inspired Tatami – I am completely blown away by the teams ability to produce meaningful products that lend themselves nicely to designers who think consciously when specifying. The launch of Recolour floor tiles from the brand is no exception!

    Available in an extraordinary 28 colours, all possessing cork’s unique aesthetic, Recolour floor tiles add a natural look that’s out of the ordinary to commercial interiors. Each Recolour tile features bevels for defined edges that give a modern design floor feel and with cork’s unmistakable look and colours that can contribute to any commercial interior scheme, the floor offers designers something entirely different from their choice of flooring.

    “Recolour brings cork’s unique aesthetic but appreciates that not every interior needs, or wants, a natural cork colour,” said Paulo Rocha, Product and R&D Manager at the brand. “With shades ranging from pearl and cream through to terracotta, forest and saffron, it’s a collection that lets designers embrace the natural and renewable credentials of cork, but still adhere to design practices that look to zone spaces through colour.”

    The collection is available in two specifications – 4mm glue-down (Recolour Fix) and 10.5mm click installation – both finished with Wearplus® an easy-clean super-matt finish that is durable but that also highlights the natural status of the material. Providing a highly wear-resistant surface,

    Recolour uses a 3mm cork veneer, HDF core with Uniclic® for fast and easy fitting and a 1.5mm cork insulating layer with Microban® built in. Purists will prefer the all-cork construction of the standard Recolour Fix that delivers the unmistakable decorative veneer and high-density agglomerated cork core.  Recolour Fix is supplied in 900 x 150mm tiles and Recolour in 1164 x 300mm format.

    Granorte has been making cork products since 1972, when it was established to provide a use for the waste cork of wine stopper production. The family-owned Portuguese company uses the latest in production technology and focuses on R&D to deliver a unique range of products made from cork. From walls and floors to furniture and sanitary ware, the company is cork’s true innovator.

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    Main image credit: Granorte

    Hamish Kilburn / 27.05.2021


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